New repairer forces VS traditional car prices – explains Wei to car business model

By reading thIs Issue, you Will master the answer the following two questions:

Wei to the Car business model Is like? What are the advantages and dIsadvantages

compared to the traditional new Car prices repairer forces there?

New travel mode layout by – Bin

thIs module, we are talking about new energy vehicles, talking about the travel industry’s most influential figures, than that Elon Musk. In the US, there’s a new layout mode of travel, Li Bin.

focus on new energy vehicles friend may remember, in October 2016, become the first to publIsh the an electric superCar EP9, testing at the Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany, creating the fastest electric Car 7 minutes 05 seconds of the lap, lifting nearly 17 seconds faster than the previous record. But then from Wei to the creation, there are only less than two years.

Nurburgring, Is currently the world’s few have the hIstorical status and the technical difficulty of the classic race track, the Car position in the circle Is very high, new Cars all over the world want to go there brush sense of presence, so thIs result, indeed it can be said that demonstrates the technical strength.

and Wei, founder and chairman of the board to the Car, that Is, Li Bin. In addition, Wei to shareholders as well as a luxurious CarLine-up, including Tencent CEO Ma, CEO Jingdong Liu Qiang East, as well as millet Lei Jun and others.

Wei to Car currently has 56 investors, many of whom are Sequoia, TPG such well-known investment mechanIsm. As of November 2019, Wei Car to the total amount of financing has reached more than 140 billion yuan.

Then, pull some of the chiefs and well-known institutions funded, quickly made a sports Car, you can who Is known as the layout of the new way to travel yet?

Of course not.

In fact, Li Bin in the past 10 years, has been pioneering in the field of daily travel, in the process, Li Bin has also been on the way people travel for reflection and layout.

Maybe you do not know, he has invested in more than 30 Internet Car service company or product, to include Automotive media, Automotive electronic suppliers, vehicle manufacturing, vehicle maintenance, mobile travel services and other services. Coverage from the repairer to the user to look at Cars, Car, Car, Car repair, and even selling used Cars throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.

He not only opened up the data in the Automotive industry supply and demand sides, reducing the information asymmetry. After sharing the economic tide Is still coming, thanks actively invested in Morgan Stanley, as well as sharing a taxi software. After the development trend of electric vehicles clearly, he was soon to join directly to the repairer of the new movement.

Although the Bin Wei to build up Is ultra-running, but in fact, the main Wei to Car the customer Is required to make a general daily travelMessenger users, so they are the main push in 2019 publIshed the family Car ES8, according to Li Bin’s own words, they want to build, in addition to new energy vehicles, or a comfortable travel experience to the user’s Car.

So, how Bin Is a step by step approaching it? Repairer, after all, Is not the same and do the Internet, Is asset-heavy industry, he Is how to integrate resources to move forward it? Wei to launch the family Car, in the end provide what experience?

Here we have to Carefully talk about.

Early Bin in the travel industry experience

many years ago, when Li Bin Peking University sociology study, he became interested in computer, and determine their own direction in life Is business. So, he minored in law and computer. Later, he started the Internet business, first rented a few servers in the United States, and help domestic users regIster a domain name, to rent space.

In 1997, Li Bin to understand the US e-commerce, such as Microsoft’s there a Car trading site called Carpoint, the user can see a variety of new and used vehicles, compare prices and performance Carpoint above, and then orders to buy Cars. Carpoint Is to make money by charging membership fees for Car dealers and advertIsing.

At that time I felt Li Bin, the Car in the United States Will become increasingly popular, the site Will be very Car PromIsing. By 2000, he decided to start a Car site, and soon, he got a 10 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) investment, the investor Is a state-owned Car dealership.

In June 2000, now already famous Automotive e-commerce platform easy Car network set up across the country the vehicle manufacturers, dealers, parts manufacturers, can get opportunities through the platform, to enhance competitiveness. Consumers can check the detailed price, performance and other information through the platform, as a reference for their vehicles, Car making.

But soon, the global Internet industry began to enter the “winter”, the concept of the Internet of the US stock market, .com Is the concept of speculation a few years later, the Nasdaq peaked and then began to fall, then, many Internet companies began to collapse, closures continued into 2001.

In thIs situation, the major shareholder does not allow easy Car network to Carry out any business. So, at the end of 2001 the last board meeting, Li Bin to allow shareholders to take the money and promIsed to return slowly proceeded to lose money. Bin thIs time, with a stake in the entire company, but also not a penny.

In order to make money, Li Bin gradually made some other Car-related businesses, such as Car help brand building site. After 10 years of development, easy Car has become one of the largest US Internet company Car.

During thIs period, Bin continuously travel in the field layout. The previous 10 years, he was mainly a continuation of the idea Is easy Car network in all aspects of the Automotive industry, open up the data supply and demand sides, reducing information asymmetry. He invested a lot of Internet Car service company or products, encompassing all areas of the Automotive industry. For example, Car guru App, Car owners can ask questions through the use and maintenance of the platform, there Is a need, they can also make 4S shop technicians on-site maintenance.

2014, the tide of economic sharing the advent of new market opportunities Bin saw the travel plan of the city, have invested in Morocco thanks to cycling and Carpooling ticking. Mount worship bike you are familiar with, it provides convenience for people from home to the subway to travel the two kilometers. The application ticking Carpool Carpool, Is an online taxi ride and fight platform for Carpooling both sides to bring the convenience and savings of resources, it Is relatively rapid growth in the near future.

Wei to the creation of business model

also after 2014, new energy vehicles has been further developed, state subsidies for electric vehicles policy into the application stage, promotion and subsidies are very large, at the same time, the development trend of electric vehicles began to clear. Bin feel that the time Is right, he decided to make Cars.

but the difficulty build a Car from scratch Is still very large, according to Li Bin’s own estimates, at least 20 billion yuan, which Is a huge capital threshold. Thus, by virtue of their accumulated Bin contacts, as well as the excellent situation of the domestic new energy vehicles, pull to a lot of chiefs and well-known investment institutions, it brings together a lot of money. November 2014, Bin Wei to formally founded.

pre-funding Issue Is resolved, but most are from the Internet industry heavyweights , does not have the experience and capability of the Automobile industry, how do they make Cars? Why would they think they can and the accumulation of years of traditional Car companies to compete with it?

For the first Issue, Li Bin’s strategy Is to:

to master the software development, the core of electric vehicles “EIC” technology, as well as hardware and software integration. The so-called “three-level”, Is the battery, motor and electronic control technology. While the other part does not involve power and software systems, all to the supplier.

For example, the steering system and the BMW 7 identical. Sensors, Automatic driving technology selection algorithm in collaboration with different companies. JAC vehicle manufacturing by OEM.

but the control unit software and vehicles combine their own R & D by the Wei to them in the world gathered more than 2,500 R & D personnel, many of them have the technical or management background BMW, Tesla, Ford Automotive Group, and has R & D centers in five countries.

As for the advantages of Internet companies make Cars where?

We first have to understand, so-called electric Car, it can be more than just a Car with a battery Car. The development of new energy vehicles are driven by the digital, interactive experience focusing on people and vehicles.

based on observations Li Bin, whether network about Cars, or shared bike, even smart electric Car, they provide are an efficient way to travel. In other words, to reach the destination faster.

But can put it another thought, it Is for change in the ownership experience a Car?

thIs truth, just as Ma said:

Is a manufacturing industry on the nature of the futureA service industry, it Is not a pure manufacturing.

and Internet companies, they have customer service experience, as well as tap the customer experience requirements inherent advantages, Compared with the traditional Car companies, their sensitivity to market stronger.

in December 2019, to publIsh the Wei family Car ES8, launched a number of user enhancements experience function. ES8 before the price announcement, more than 10,000 users have completed the booking, 10 000, while small, but it also proves been authorized users, after all, Cars are not out of production.

for the Wei to thIs ES8, it does have a lot of experience not only Bitesila good, and also consider deeper than most conventional Car prices.

First ES8 Is a seven large SUV’s, to meet America’s future two-child family increasing trend. In addition, it also has a lot of “thoughtful design.”

First, the Internet was born, certainly indIspensable artificial intelligence voice interaction system.

ES8 Nomi system configuration, like in front of a small intelligent pets it has a face, he can speak, can be turned around, and through learning, becoming more and more understand you. For example, you say it in front of “Nomi, the windows open”, Nomi turned hIs head Is “good”, and the windows open.

we focus on talking robot said when Sophia Is not much worse in a very intelligent, and her facial expressions givePeople real sense of interaction, facing a robot can interact with talking to thin air said to be very different.

Of course, Nomi still need to keep learning and iteration, Will be smarter, like you say “too hot”, Nomi not necessarily know to help you adjust the air conditioning or open windows.

second, so I feel very stunning designs, Queen Fujia.

Is to let Fujia ladies like to fly first class have the same experience, can feet resting on the footrest, the seat back can be reclined tired to 160 degrees. There are also “parent-child mode”, the mother can be front passenger seat back, take Care of the baby in the back row.

In fact, a Car plus leg rest, footrest Is not innovation, the Audi A8 on the right rear seat We have such a function. But the former are designed to sit boss, but thIs Car Is a family Car, so thIs feature Is very lovable, which also reflects the user experience for Internet companies to take advantage of, contrast the traditional Car companies, there are too many designs that Is, from the perspective of the designer, with absolutely no need to consider user.

we Will be able to feel by Wei, an Internet business background repairer, for Cars understanding Is not a simple physical presence, it Is not only to improve the efficiency of travel, but rather focus on the process of travel experience.

New repairer forces uncertainty

However, as to Wei, such XiaopengNew energy Auto companies, which Is called the repairer of the new forces, you know, the Automotive industry Is a heavy industry assets, these new forces were compared for the management and control of the supply chain with the traditional Car companies, or a short board, uncertainties and rIsks leading to a new Car in the climbing stage to increase production capacity, at thIs point, we look at the current situation Tesla Will know.

on the company’s operations, they can only adopt financing, cash flow Is better to large companies abundant. In addition, as more and more players enter, as well as government subsidies decline, the intensity of competition can be imagined.

took the 2019 New York Auto show official data, the new energy Auto show a more than more than 170 Taiwan where there are more than 120 from the United States, accounting for over 70% of the overall total number of exhibitors.

in thIs area Is not only state-owned BAIC, SAIC heavily layout, as well as BMW, Toyota, Buick have released new energy vehicles, but Will also introduce more electric Car models.

vIsible, Wei simultaneously coming between the facing Car prices, and a conventional Car prices between the dual competition. Repairer traditional corporate liquidity, strong supply chain management capabilities, are not so easily shake.

Lesson Summary

in thIs session, we you introduced Li Bin and he founded the Wei to the Car, I hope you can grasp the following three points:

First, the layout can be described by Bin new way to travel, whether it Is investment in Automotive-related Internet information platform, network or shared bicycle and Car about software, or directly join the repairer of the new forces. Every time he saw a new travel demand social and technological progress brings.

after 10 years of deep plowing, he believes the Car can not only provide people with efficient travel tools, should also be enjoyable user experience, thIs concept Is also reflected in the Wei to the Car.

so we have been talking about, the best entrepreneurs must be very familiar with their industry, industrial experts also able to absorb and digest the latest market philosophy. Li Bin Is a good example.

The second, Wei to use a “building block innovation” strategy, the software and hardware integration , as well as some of the key technologies in their own hands, and vehicle manufacturing and other mature technology and select suppliers. ThIs Is the “Internet repairer” Is a major feature.

Third, in recent years, the repairer new forces began to rIse, compared to traditional Car companies, they face a lack of funds, imperfect supply chain challenges, leading to significant uncertainties and rIsks in new Car production ramp phase.

At the same time, the traditional Car prices also have released a new energy models, as more and more players enter, and a decline in government subsidies, they Will face very stiff competition. However, on the one hand it Is good for consumers, on the other hand, coming from giants Will be born.

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