New energy vehicles, Why not be optimIstic about the country? Did you notice thIs problem

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We all know that people travel demand Is very simple, it only need to be able to help themselves to travel a means of transport, travel and airplane ride or drive. By contrast, then many drive their own Cars to travel can make the trip becomes more liberal, so often choose to drive their own Cars to travel in person. But the new energy vehicles and Automotive fuel compared to still have a lot of inconvenience, for example, we are going to usually travel very far, the road to replenIsh their energy vehicles has become a necessary thing, ordinary Car find gas stations on it, and look for new energy vehicles charging place Is not very convenient, and relatively long charging time consuming.

it Will not be able to meet our long-dIstance driving thIs demand, and traditional Car has been developed in the country a very long year, no matter where, even if another remote areas Will also have the presence of a gas station, so we totally do not worry about the Car can not go out and come back to thIs Issue.

then Why new energy vehicles Will be in the country it Is Shaorenwenjin ? The first Is with respect to the conventional Car, we can easily find gas stations quickly in a strange place. But the new energy vehicles to conventional Cars Is not so easy, because we can not find charging pile in the presence of a small number of places.

comes often need charging tools, even if the selected excursion place can not go too far, or else believe it Is likely it Will become no electricity continue to support the Automobile travel. So thIs became one of the causes of new energy vehicles Is not optimIstic about people, not universal charging pile, you know foreign policy in many parts of the country are beginning to favor new energy vehicles, they do the first step Is to pay each places have built charging pile, even if you drove to a remote little place does not matter, and they can find a place to charge.

We want to know the new energy vehicles are generally good imported from abroad, as foreign new energy vehicles, Tesla, after transport back fees overlay, its price Is even more expensive than conventional Cars on some of thIs time to pursue cost-effective in many people certainly would not choose such a Car.

Even now the country introduced a number of policies, such as government subsidies given etc., such a policy to make the purchase of new energy vehicles more favorable than the average Car, but these policies do not attract too many people to choose new energy vehicles. Because ordinary people just want a vehicle to go with a family and be able to travel to dIstant lands, and the vehicle Will not be too cumbersome to fill the oil inside the gas station Will be able to open hearts go out to play.

That Is what we are pursuing a basic requirement, so now a new source of Automobiles Is not optimIstic about the second reason Is because it needs a full charge time Is too long. If you happen to hurry to go out, but you also need to charge the Car a few hours in order to use it, it Will give you a lot of inconvenience. In summary, in the present case, the purchase of a new energy Car Is very uneconomical.

then whether there Is a new energy vehicles it in your home? We all know that if you do not travel, then saddled so a new energy vehicles Is still a very good choice to meet the people’s requirements for green travel now!