New Energy thIs “big cake”, the public finally hands

light Is often seen as a future connection language. So in a dazzling light show, led by ID.3, an icon of popular Automotive trends future ID. Family, a formal meeting with the American consumer.

New York time on October 31, Volkswagen officially unveiled the new product –ID.3 Carrying its future. As a public ID. Family’s first production model, the arrival of the new Car, so “go To zero” sustainable development strategy of the public, with real consumers association. According to Volkswagen official said, ID.3 follow-up models of domestic work by SAIC – Volkswagen Is located in Anting undertake new energy plant.

for a new energy products, are often the vehicle mileage of consumers are most concerned about. Although the conference site, the public did not give specific parameters ID.3 models. But we know that, based on the current platform to build MEB ID. Series of electric vehicles, under the NEDC standard mileage up to 580 kilometers.

In addition, in terms of charge, including ID.3 including a series ID. Series models, can use up to 100 kW fast charge charging system. At the same time, per ID. Models Will be equipped with a wall-mounted charging device or access to public facilities charge an initial subsidy.

equipped with Volkswagen new flat design of the logo ID.3, with a “talking” before the face. In the debut of the moment, and the entire light-emitting logo lights with integrated, giving the ID.3 juvenile general “sense of vitality.” For thIs design, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand Jochen · Sengpiehl chief marketing officer, said the future “in all places, the new logo Volkswagen Will use light-emitting design.” In hIs view: “Light Is the future of chrome trim.”

living in thIs ever-changing world, companies are always looking for “change” and “change” a balance between. Jochen admits: “Our users demand, society and science and technology at an unprecedented pace so we make unremitting efforts, in order to put forward for the future of the company and the brand.New ideas. Our world Is facing many challenges. Comprehensive sustainable development Is one of the biggest challenges. “And one of the keys to achieve comprehensive sustainable development, that Is, with the future of the” master of the establIshment of the “Contact.

It can be said, either in the morning the brand communication activities, or in the evening at the new conference, “90” Is mentioned Is a very high frequency words. Volkswagen believes that the digital world as the “Indigenous People”, the United States’ 90 after “with new values, and new things, always hold a very high expectations. no doubt, they represent America’s future. As a result, Volkswagen Is eager to be able to with thIs group of young people, to establIsh closer contact.

a, MEB platform, hidden mass greater “ambition”

As we all know, before the official birth of MEB platform, MQB platform has been made to help the public an unprecedented success. up to now, the total MQB models worldwide, has surpassed 55 million for the importance of the platform strategy in modern technology in Volkswagen has a profound sentiment.

In fact, ID. The series contains the “DNA”, to a large extent by the MEB ThIs modular electric drive platform given. For example, long wheelbase design, so . ID series of electric vehicles gained ample interior space; and a more reasonable weight dIstribution front and rear, letting ID series models have more room in the control area can enhance

. ] with respect to the “open” attribute MEB platform, the public also showed greater “ambition” they hope, future MEB platform worldwide, becoming the highest-selling electric vehicle platform; by 2025, the public Will worldwide production models MEB 33, of which nearly half of the models from the United States.

as Volkswagen important partner within the United States, SAIC – Volkswagen and FAW – Volkswagen Will also offer full support for the former currently, SAIC – Volkswagen’s new factory Is located in AntingUnder construction. FAW – Volkswagen Foshan factory, Is for the production of electric vehicles and transformation. Is expected to end, two factories Will be officially completed. By then, the total annual output of two plants of energy, Is expected to reach 600,000.

At the same time, however, the public (USA) CEO Dr. Pingsi Han also pledged that they Will continue to develop “charIsmatic energy-efficient diesel-type” in the future.

Second, the Volkswagen: electrification project was inspired by the United States

electrification project Volkswagen, officially opened in 2015. ThIs year, US new energy Auto market entered a period of rapid growth. And thIs menacing new energy “wave”, but also as a spectator and as a person’s Volkswagen, has brought a lot of new thinking.

Turning to the project inspired the creation of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand electric vehicle product line sales and marketing person in charge Silke · Bagschik admits: “In the very Long before uS foresaw the popularity of key sustainable travel Is electric Cars. (thIs Is) for the world’s largest electric project we start, its core Is the source of inspiration and the United States. ”

from Santana to Magotan, Volkswagen passenger Car market in the United States, leaving many profound footprint; likewIse, the rapid development of the US market, but also for the public to become a global Automotive brand, laid the indIspensable foundation.

evening press conference, at the same time appeared ID.3 models, Volkswagen also for American consumers, brought as a special “gift” –ID. strike through, it has a poetic name of pure electric SUV.

Currently, except for ID.3 production model, family member ID concept include: ID.ROOMZZ, ID.CROZ, ID.VIZZION like. Without exception, they all have a little sense of dIstance and with a complex name, except “ID. Has shown signs.”

Although the conference site, only public appearance of the ID. Has shown signs of pseudoLoading, but thIs model’s thunder, but no less ID.3 night as the protagonIst. Because thIs specifically for the US market to build a pure electric SUV models Will be in within 12 months we officially meet.

Third, to further improve fuel vehicles product line

conference site, the first US Volkswagen models use a new identity SUV models – FAW – Volkswagen TACQUA exploration shadow, formally meet with you. ThIs for young people to build a small SUV, has a smart and stylIsh look. Power, the new Car Will be powered by 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and EA211 1.4T turbocharged engine, Is expected to be officially lIsted in December.

For TACQUA shadow explore the new Car, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand chief designer Klaus · BIschoff commented: “TACQUA exploration shadow convey our confidence. very proud, we Will soon be able to see the shadow TACQUA explore new Volkswagen logo appear together in the streets of the United States. “

at the same time, Volkswagen also conference the scene brought about SAIC – Volkswagen new members Viloran of News. Sino-German cooperation in the research and development of new Cars, Is a designed for the US market to build large luxury MPV. But more specific information about the new Car, we still have to wait until November to know the New York Motor Show in late.

in assessment Comments:

after the official release ID.3 models, Volkswagen has officially opened a ” fast-forward mode. ” They plan to 2025, Will be sold in the US models have 25-35 percent of models for the pure electric vehicles. Before that, let us first look at specifically for the US market to create ID. Strike through, to see whether it would be for the United States of an old friend, bring a kind of “first met.” (Average Car assessment / edit CY)