“National electric car” e2 lIsted BYD pure electric car popularizer come

BYD BYD e Series e2 Is the second product, relative to BYD BYD e2 e1 Is also more in line with public demand for the Car, so the appearance of a pure electric Car and the mainstream Car, SUV closer , more in line with consumer standards for a Car. BYD e2 was officially lIsted thIs year on September 2.

BYD e2 MSRP 8.98 ~ 119,800 yuan, the appearance color sky blue, red flanges, rhythm monochrome, black and red rhythm, mountain ash, Crystal and white, black interior, the black / red two kinds of Monte Carlo, BYD e2 body size 4240 * 1760 * 1530, wheelbase Is 2610mm.

BYD e2 appearance Is born out of the dragon face “Rejuvenating Crystal” design language, more momentum, extraordinary styling, Car full front styling, front design, smooth lines, front grille design Is fully enclosed large size, to be chrome-plated decorative lattice texture close look at a dIstance, they are quite bright. The interesting thing Is also hexagonal front grille design, BYD e2 design and Audi Car grille there are bad days to do some female friends eyes.

there BYD e2 of the through chrome trim above the grid, Is a family of standard design. Family Car headlights are designed, consIsting of three square lights LED light source near and far, in addition to LED daytime running lights, Automatic headlights, height adjustable headlights, headlight delay off, touch reading lights and other lighting functions.

BYD model e2 sideways size smaller than the same level, we could say was an attempt on the e1, under the premIse Is still a stylIsh little the feeling of space around the parcel. Automobile wheel using crosswind hp010 205/60 R16 tires, using eight-color wheels, quite stylIsh. Rear of the Car full and layered, best vIsual effects.

inside the family Car design Is the latest design, spatial sense of the parcel, fashion BranchTechnical sense Is the greatest feeling. Automotive interior and more practical straight lines, plus part of red fabric can make technological sense and fashion sense burst out. Although console hard material, but the design of the surface after treatment lines sensory cortex material.

Control screen suspended in the center console Is still the most attractive design, 10.1-inch LCD screen, touch screen , built-in GPS navigation system, navigation, traffic information dIsplay, Bluetooth Car phone, Car networking, OTA upgrades and other functions. BYD’s control system Will control a large number of Cars are integrated into the control panel, the center console even more streamlined part of the physical buttons, leaving only the most basic function keys. Car seats with leather material, can be wrapped in a sense. Although smaller body size, but the front and rear seating space Is also ideal for everyday household more than enough. The trunk Is quite spacious storage space for large pieces of luggage mention.

on the configuration, with a tire pressure dIsplay BYD e2, reverse video, cruIse control, hill assIst, keyless start, Car PM2.5 to filtering. 40kw DC power to support the maximum fast charge, the charging reservation system, power management cell balancing brake energy recovery system.

Dynamic, BYD e2 using permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 100kw, 70kw two models, the total motor torque Is 180Nm , the battery capacity 35.2kWh, 47,3kWh two types of running mode electric-life of 305km, 402km, fast charge time 1.5h, 1.6h. 0-50km / h acceleration time of 3.9 seconds, 30 minute quick charge amount of 30% to 80%.