Mustang belongs to Sichuan Automobile, Ford Mustang Is no longer “Mustang,” stated the official website to apologize

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recently learned that Ford and Sichuan gas Mustang infringement case ended in favor of Sichuan Automobile, Ford stated that the infringement apology on the official website.

us recall, in February 2016 Sichuan gas Mustang on Ford began infringement lawsuit two years, when the Sichuan gas Mustang Ford requested compensation for 10 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), in January 2019, the Court declared in favor of Sichuan gas Mustang, Ford Mustang Aikawa steam compensation of 100 million, and demanded publIshed in the official website trademark infringement stated. In thIs infringement has affirmed Ford’s official website to see.

It Is understood that the Sichuan Mustang as early as 1986 had already regIstered “Mustang” trademark, and also to apply for regIstration of the subsequent pieces of wild horses graphics or word mark, while the Ford “MUSTANG” concept Cars into the United States, its Chinese name “Ford Mustang” trademark application for regIstration time for the 2006, in order to Sichuan gas Mustang win.

Sichuan Mustang first born in the 20th century, late 80s, continues to thIs day, now there are 5 models in the sale were: Mustang T70, Mustang T80, Si Paika, Mustang EC30, Mustang U can E350. Main SUV field, there are four SUV models, as a domestic Car.

FORD MUSTANG Is the United States imported Cars, the Car Is a coupe. Price: 37.98-70.50 million. The introduction of the United States as poor sports Car was quickly known people, but also play the hot pet Car, modified, racing Ford Mustang vIsible figure.

Today, the United States more and more emphasIs on copyright, trademark protection, thIs time in favor of Sichuan gas Mustang Is reasonable. Ford Mustang called years of “Mustang”, a deep-rooted for some friends, and we have to replace another name now belongs to the Sichuan gas Mustang.