Most technologically outdated engine, four car brands, the South East Motor lIst

In the Automotive market, there are many Car brands are eating stakes, seemingly often introduce a variety of new models, but the core technology Is static, an engine can use more than a decade. ThIs also no wonder that the sales do not increase, the following four Car brands Fengling sIster think small engine technology Is very outdated, rest on our laurels Is definitely a must, look at it.


1: public Motors

Zotye’s famous work Is SR9, later the T500 performance looks good, but anyway the brand reputation has not been good. Although the shape of the Car to get very fancy, beautiful and full degree. However, hardware performance Is very poor, outdated performance engine technology, which has been used earlier platforms and machines, on the whole nothing aggressive, then beautiful works of the candidate of flaws.

public Motors

2: South East Motor

The brand was among the first batch of MitsubIshi one brand of cooperation, the level considered very antique Car prices up. Its models to go Is to rest on our laurels of course, never thought for a change. MitsubIshi Is also used early on engine model has been abandoned, have not changed over the years, do not know how many years still want to eat their money.

South East Motor

3: Landwind

Landwind brand in the country reason Why there in fact, the reason Is a certain reputation due to its appearance models, Land Rover and well-known brands of high similarity, the brand Is the biggest feature. But hidden under the glossy exterior Is actually not a color engine, the core technology behind the overall poor performance of the same old stuff with a MitsubIshi engine, fire basically want Is not possible, thIs brand despair.


4: Huatai

In fact, these are brand awareness Private Eyes, we all know, but word of mouth Is not good. Huatai Automobile which Is even moreLeader in Automotive low vIsibility, poor brand influence. Started relying on imitation and therefore are not to be seen, not to mention engine technology, for many years like a day without any changes.


than these brands of small engine technology Fengling sIster considered to be very backward, although the appearance Is very good, but the inner Poor unacceptable, we agree with it?