Most real domestic “buy car” than the Jetta beautiful, Automatic less than 60,000, to fire

the most real domestic “buy Car” than the Jetta beautiful, Automatic less than 60,000, to fire

In recent years, the development speed of U.S.-made Cars amazing, a lot of brands has not only been recognized by everyone, and have achieved outstanding results, do people proud. ThIs one not only because technology upgrading of domestic Cars, even went on the kind of price-related. Today said a very suitable for grocery shopping Car, thIs Car Is only fifty thousand to succeed, do not look cheap on its price, but still Automatic models, the Car configuration Is very complete, thIs Car Is launched by the Chang’an Yue Xiang, specifically look outstanding performance of thIs Car.

appearance, Yue Xiang uses a design family, Butterfly shape looks very atmospheric type, do not see a vehicle with fifty thousand Jinmai multi-Car, the chrome bar traverses the bus also demonstrate qualities, middle striking logo, but due to cost reasons, the use of both a halogen lamp source, grids are good and which one design , creating a sense of arrogance Is also very strong. Came to the side, tough waIstline brings a strong sense of power, and was dive-like, the momentum Is still very strong. The rear Is a relatively simple, but the tilt of the tail ducks Will dIstribute dynamic Is in place, Is really very young atmosphere.

in space, Cheung Yuet fully meet the daily household, but at full sit still a little cramped, after all, thIs Is the vehicle small Car, so it’s length of only 4390mm, with a wheelbase of 2535mm, but in the same Car can be considered mid-stream level, the strength of competition Is good. Came to the Car you Will feel surprIse, a Car had only fifty thousand seven-inch LCD screen, and the layout Is also very personal, we are also in line with the pursuit of simple style, although not a lot of decoration , but still looks good, but also worthy of praIse point configuration, there are other practical configuration of ESP, as well as high with skylights.

As a small Car, with the power of the Yue Xiang 1.4L and 1.5L two engines, to provide for maximum horsepower 101 and 107, peak torque of 135 and 145 Nm, matching Is 5MT and five-speed dual-clutch gearbox, fuel consumption Is only about six liters, the key Is the Car fullSix foot the country. But also to the force at the start, throttle response Is relatively fast.

By all accounts, thIs Car Is a good small Car, and drove to buy food Is really very comfortable, but the cost Is not high, suitable for most ordinary consumers, the Car there are many bright spots, especially the configuration, although power Is not very strong, but daily use Is no problem, superiority in its class Is quite obvious, I believe it Will give many people a great deal of temptation, most of it made in U.S. “buy Car” than the Jetta beautiful, Automatic less than 60,000, to fire, you are not too fond of thIs Car?