Most cars do not need to install five: fake skylights very embarrassing, plus leather seats, seat covers are silent

Many Car owners after buying the Car in the Car like to add some things to highlight their different side, some installation adds to the comfort and safety, plus some installed but there Is no need! Today most concerned about Is not necessary to install five kinds of Car, see if you have not been shot!

1. Fake skylights, false skylight Is a magical presence, and had no skylights have to forcibly install a skylight, do not know it or fool others to pursue their own personality? Anyway, thIs fake skylight installation Is how to see how embarrassing!

2. The installation of additional bumpers, every Automobile design has its exIstence the truth, if additional Car outside the installation of some of the items might change its overall performance, the installation of additional bumpers many owners are like, but thIs Is really to see how to be more ugly ugly!

3. The installation of exhaust tail pipes, and some Cars Is a single-sided, some owners feel not enough domineering, life turned into a bilateral single out, then one Is false, the pursuit of individuality Is right, but converted trial chaos when the Car can live it?

4. The installation of seat cover leather seats, leather seats has always been to highlight the Car’s value and taste the pursuit ride comfort, but it happens to some people add a layer of seat covers in leather seats, which operate somewhat people do not understand, that thIs leather seats to what Is the use?

5. The installation of the tail, some owners in pursuit of individuality installation of all kinds of exaggerated tail in the tail of the Car, these things that Is unsightly but also for performance not have any effect, I do not know how their hearts think!

five kinds of installation finIshed, some unnecessary for the installation of the Car, what Is your hardest to accept that? Welcome to add!