More than 8 percent owners Will buy Japanese cars! US automotive brand loyalty amazing changes occur in 10 years

American Car buyers with the information network “Edmunds”, announced the US Automobile market brand loyalty reports. We found from 13.9 million pen Car transaction data between 2007 and 2019, unless the SUV market has gradually become the mainstream, and then redeem up to 75% of the owners Will be re-election SUV outside, from the brand to take a closer look, Will perceive Japanese models almost Redemption has become the first choice of consumers in mind.

“Edmunds” the report points out, exIsting only in the Japanese owners of 4% Will redeem the European Cars, Korean Cars and 7% 7% American Cars, but 83% of people Will choose again the same Japanese Cars. ThIs shows that the Japanese brand owners have a very high degree of loyalty, and also affects the exIsting system and the Korean American Car buyers, because each of them 20%, the proportion of 29%, the redemption Will be when the current European Cars, Korean Cars into Japanese Cars.

If a brand perspective Is even more alarming, Toyota’s brand loyalty over the past 10 years not only increased by 5%, while the redemption of exIsting Toyota owners have more than 63% of people Will buy Toyota, and along with Subaru, Honda and other Japanese brands, the owner of redemption of loyalty more than 60%, which Is the best-selling Ford Car compared to last year, the US market, which Is 48% brand loyalty even higher.

In particular, Japanese brand owners of loyalty in the last 10 years have shown a trend of growth, such as NIssan, Honda, Subaru and other brands have 4% 16%, 5%, ranging from growth, which Youyi Mazda performance of the most dazzling, from 23% in 2007 sharply increased to 44% in brand loyalty. But Korean Cars, the past sales appear strong but modern 1% loyalty backward, only the Kia brand growth of 9%.