More than 300,000 Volkswagen was thrown desert, users: Do not come to the United States on the line

In March the California desert in the United States, more than 300,000 public Issue covered the floor of the Car sand formed a dense, quite spectacular. According to foreign media reports, the public Is caught up in the scandal of diesel exhaust emIssions.

Volkswagen manufacturers admit that they cheat diesel engine installed in the United States 482 000 Volkswagen’s, thIs program can help cheat in Car emIssions testing when passed the test. In fact, in these diesel Car exhaust dIscharge usually exceeds US standards 40 times. ThIs approach Volkswagen of America by the user from the class action, also in January thIs year, the FBI arrested the chief executive of Volkswagen.

parked in the California desert that more than 30 million Cars VW spent $ 7.4 billion (about 46.4 billion yuan) price back purchased. But thIs Is not the behavior of Volkswagen spontaneous act, but forced by the US government. According to the official statement of Volkswagen, they Will Carry out regular maintenance of these vehicles, and Will address the Issue after the Car back into the market.

For these problems the Car, it Will continue to buy back the public by the end of 2020. In the United States, in addition to the owners of the affected public buyback Will also receive thousands of dollars in compensation. For Volkswagen, the worldwide scandal about it much more than the exhaust superovulation. According to statIstics, the German Carmaker has paid more than $ 24.4 million in fines and compensation for the scandal, including exhaust emIssions, including the scandal. However, according to expert estimates, thIs figure Will eventually be higher.

a lot of friends after seeing the News, shouted: do not sell to the United States Kengren ah. In fact, ah, we do not have to worry about thIs problem. First, these problems in the United States belonging to the right of the Volkswagen Car, with the United States Is the opposite. Friends said, the right Car can be retrofitted ah. But for the general public, the conversion of these problems are not new Cars Will bring high costs, the public should be Willing to do. And most important problem, the problem Is that these Cars are diesel vehicles, diesel vehicles because of the sewage problem has been strict control of many parts of America also forbidden line of diesel vehicles. In conclusion, these problems Cars sold in the United States to not work.

While these public Issues Motors plans to return to the market, but may also be directly scrapped. Volkswagen’s current practice Is for these Cars regular maintenance, until the US emIssions standards then adjust it to market, but the US emIssions standards and when to adjust these vehicles can meet the new standards remains to be seen. Another approach Is to repair parts, but do not know if the public Is Willing to spend thIs costly repairs.

Although the public faces several scandals worldwide, but sales have not significantly decline, even in the second year after the scandal to win global emIssions Top sales. Clearly, the world’s largest Auto market in our country for the public played a big help.