Money can not buy T8, but the main push T4 Zhiyuan series, the new Volvo S60 car manual

December 12, the official lIsting of the new Volvo S60, a new Car launched a total of seven models, five models of fuel models, priced at 286,900 yuan -37.99 million, 2 hybrid models, the price range 399,900 yuan -46.19 million. Let’s take a look at the new Car, how to buy it:


appearance, the Car uses the family’s new design language and offers R-design (movement) and Inscription (luxury) style two models to choose from.

deluxe models front face that, in use of the network design recessed inwardly, with the upper vertical shaped chrome and Volvo logo to enhance the front face of temperament. On both sides of the net Will be familiar to Quake LED lamp set, to bring people familiar intimacy.

side of the body significant level, continues from the middle of the front waIst to the rear straight lines with a slight downward curvature, shaping the overall streamlined body. B / C-type columns were blackened treatment, the more stable the upper modified.

tail Is more simple, mainly characterized by a unique two E-shaped taillights and last row of parallelogram design.

In contrast Sport models, the overall blackened degree and chrome aspect decorative greatly enhance the appearance of the grille, surrounded, mirror, window trim, surrounded by the rear, do the exercIse treatment.

Interior, the family concept Is very clear, the overall tone Is dark gray, calm prominent Nordic simple style. As can touch the hand control, and three sides of the door very fine materials steering wheel, so that a large area of ​​soft pack luxury Car instead of a low profile. 8 inches and 12.3 in the control screen on the configurationInch full LCD instrument can be considered highlights the wave of technological sense.

dimensions, Car length and breadth of 4761/1850 / 1437mm. Wheelbase Is 2872mm, the trunk volume of 392L, the minimum ground clearance 147mm.

power, providing different power Car configuration, the fuel line comes standard with regard front-wheel drive, and the use of the first four – after double-wIshbone / – integral multi-link suspension, and 8-speed manual gearbox. Wherein T3 Drive-E T3 models equipped with turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 120KW, the maximum torque 265N.m, a top speed of 200km / h, hundred kilometers 8.9s, hundred kilometers 7.0L. T4 models equipped Drive-E T4 turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 140KW, the maximum torque 300N.m, a top speed of 210km / h, hundred kilometers 7.7s, hundred kilometers 7.0L. T5 Drive-E T5 models equipped with turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 184kW, maximum torque 350N.m, the maximum speed of 230km / h, hundred kilometers 6.5s, hundred kilometers 7.1L. Wide standard aspect hybrid intelligent four-wheel drive (rear-wheel drive motor), 8-speed Automatic transmIssion, and fuel version of the same suspension. Wherein two T8 models equipped Drive-E T8 double supercharged engine and a 65KW electric motor. T8 combustion engine maximum power of 223kw, maximum torque 400N.m, 240N.m maximum motor torque available, Is purely electrical 52KM mileage, the overall maximum power of 288kw, maximum torque 640N.m, maximum speed 250KM / h hundred kilometers 4.6s, hundred kilometers 1.9L.

configuration analysIs:

T3 Chi deluxe edition priced at 286,900 yuan, mainly standard: 225/50 R17 wheels, city safety city safety system, lane departure prevention, lane keeping assIst, fatigue warning system, tire pressure monitoring system, dynamic stability and traction control system, auxiliary uphillPromoter, dual front airbags, front side airbags, front and rear side curtain airbags, front head and neck protection system, a lane departure system protection, rear parking assIstance, electric panoramic sunroof, rain-sensing Automatic wiper, power folding mirrors with exterior electric control, memory and heating function, LED headlights, Automatic air conditioning, digital dashboards LCD 8 inches by 9 inches LCD touch screen, high-performance audio, Bluetooth, apple Carplay, voice control, leather steering wheel, leather + fabric seats, electrically adjustable driver’s seat with memory function.

T4 Chi Yi deluxe edition priced at 302,900 yuan, 16,000 yuan increase mainly was equipped with: T4 stage engine, front and rear parking assIstance, reversing camera, leather seats.

T4 Zhiyuan deluxe edition priced at 335,800 yuan, 32,900 yuan increase mainly was equipped with: 235/45 R18 hub, Pilot assIst pilot assIstance system, the ACC adaptive cruIse control, keyless entry and the hands-free trunk opening, 12.3-inch LCD intelligent digital dashboards, interior ambient lighting, interior mirror Automatically dimming , leather seats.

T4 Zhiyuan sport version Is priced at 335,800 yuan, 00,000 yuan increase mainly was equipped with: Deluxe Edition T4 with the same configuration, only the appearance of the shift, and the like to a seat movement style.

T5 Ya-chi movement version Is priced at 379,900 yuan, 44,100 yuan increase mainly was equipped with: T5 stage engine, BLIS blind spot information systems, the reverse side of the vehicle warning system, the collIsion warning system to, an active follower LED headlamps with adaptive high beam, front fog lights, Premium sound, exterior mirrors Automatic anti blinding, heated front seats.

T8 E hybrid four-wheel drive Deluxe Edition chi Yi price 399,900 yuan, increase 2 million, mainly increase with: T8Dual stage supercharged engine and 65KW motor, 8-speed Automatic transmIssion with the same configuration T4 chi Yi Deluxe Edition.

T8 E four-wheel drive hybrid version Ya-chi motion price 461,900 yuan, 62,000 yuan increase, mainly increase with: increase 235/40 R19 hub elegant version based on the chi T5, 360 ° panoramic camera, Automatic parking system, the HUD head-up dIsplay.

Edit Summary:

configuration Is easy to see from Volvo in terms of security Is always tight, low with T3 version of the model from the balloon to the active safety have achieved all-round standard. In addition, to meet the different needs of the user’s choice, in the configuration, appearance and power has also done segments, the new T8 four-wheel drive hybrid version of the biggest bright spot for thIs market, consumer demand for hybrid models might have a concern look for fuel models, the main recommendation of T4 Zhiyuan series, priced at 335,800 yuan price look more personalized choice can mature, but also the young movement. And increase with the R18 inch wheel, keyless entry, 12.3 inches high cost instrumentation configuration. In addition T4 series Chi Yi version, I still feel a bit thin, do not change the main hub for T4 levels of power, it Is still difficult to accept, not recommended here. T5 series models get on the power, security, and audio-vIsual enjoyment improve the interior, top models belonging fuel version, but the price Is relatively high, suitable for the pursuit and equipped with adequate budget consumers.