Modern family standard – car! Buyers guide, so do not worry to buy a car!

modern family standard – Car! Buyers guide, so do not worry to buy a Car!

Car has now spread to every family, became an integral part of life can not, we can say now Is not only to buy a house, buy a Car Is an important thing! Although the living conditions better, but how to buy rest assured that there Is a satIsfying Car? I’ll give you recommend some useful Car buying guide, lest they spent odds! Understand the Car better, do not understand the need to look at my advice myself! I hope you can buy your favorite Car and the right, after all, Is a lot of money.


Car sales say anything on the loan, the loan Is suitable or appropriate the full amount it! First of all to consider our money, and if there are sufficient funds, do not credit! Car sales are very much hope that your loan, so they 4S shop Will make more money, plus what the financial services, insurance, GPS so Will extra large expense! To put it plainly 4S shop Is actually holding your green book to the bank loans money! How to calculate 4S shops are right! Car Is just a means of transport, there Is no need to buy a good Car. Enough for their own use Is entirely possible, my personal feeling.


The problem Is that there are some people not consider public, some people like to have the personality of the Car, but the Car has a personality market holdings Is not high, which Is a niche Car, these Cars are not a store of value! Get hands Will fall, if you later need to change, we Will sell less than a good price, do not buy the best niche models. High fuel consumption vehicles do not recommend to buy, we certainly have to take into account the Car’s fuel consumption Is very practical problem, the Car Is a consumable, not to buy back no matter, do not afford a Car can not afford to add oil! ThIs Is the most real, so be sure to consider when buying a Car in advance to fuel consumption!

public -Polo

I come to tell you several more close to the people several practical Car, one of a relatively small Volkswagen POLO Car models. More fuel-efficient small dIsplacement, small body Is easier to park. While the Car looks small, but enough space for four people to sit down also. Driving feelIs also very good, I have a friend Is driving around thIs little polo to go to Tibet so that. Although thIs Car Is very small, but a very practical Car.

Audi A4

a sports sedan Audi A4, 2,0 dIsplacement of young people to drive very sporty appropriate . I personally love thIs Car, but also more practical. The price Is a little expensive, the rich young man can consider Oh.

Honda Fit

thIs Car and I think we should all be familiar with it! Fit the way we see there Is a lot of it, I think we should see it Fit had been modified. The Car performance should Needless to say it!


The BMW brand Cars we should be familiar with it, but I think there Is still a lot of people can not afford. There Is a saying that says so kaibaoma sit-Benz, BMW seems like quite a good Car to buy. BMW x1 price generally Is acceptable, like driving friends can think about

collar gram

brought gram just did not come out how long Car brand, I think we should not be very familiar. But after the Car has been out a lot of young people like it, I personally prefer the Car’s exterior. The price Is relatively cheap, a very good Car.


Toyota Ralink Is also a very good Car, small Cars may seem a relatively small Car . But driving it Is still very good, Is that we should all know that the Japanese Car Car lighter. So run up high speed Is not too reliable, but quite good choice.

Now many families have now Car Car Is very cheap, but we still need to understand the Car market. So that it allows us to buy the rest assured, with a relatively comfortable. I do not know what ideas do you have? Welcome to the comments below, thank you for reading and thank you attention

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