Modeling of parallel imports more attractive 2020 models BMW X5 resolve

BMW X models have been able to love at first sight, not only because of its dynamic proportions very charming, but also thanks to the full design features, making it even more remarkable versatility. No matter how fast or how your control, it’s dynamic performance had behaved fairly well, can bring you wonderful unparalleled driving experience. Xiao Bian recently came to the Tianjin Free Trade Zone really making a 2020 BMW X5.

1: Dynamic,

As we all know, BMW driving pleasure very pure, very little at thIs point there are other brands can be compared with it. The kind of hearty pleasure, in addition to reflecting on the engine and driving performance, but also in many small details. A new generation of X5 in space comfort, fuel economy and sportiness are doing a good place. Power, 2020 the X5 Is equipped with a maximum power of 225kw 3.0T V6 engine, can be reached at 1200rpm when peak torque of 400NM, matched to eight-speed Automatic transmIssion.

2: Appearance

dynamic lines outline the contours of the body very perfect, followed in the next generation X5 family classic design, it Is also Carried out innovation and improvement. Front grille has been changed, not only the shape Is more slender, while integration with headlights more perfect. Compared with the older models, its slender body side seems to be a lot of double waIst to create a more stylIsh overall side. Wheel arch area of ​​the fold line processing, to further enhance the lighting effects side of the vehicle. Elegant lines well reflected the delicate and full of a sense of the vehicle.

3: space

space Is its advantage, plus leather seats create, creating a delightful atmosphere in the cabin. The front seats offer two leg pads, with good supportive. After the new Car Is also equipped with a dIscharge outlet, rear cup holders and central small head, well protect the comfort of the rear passengers. Conventional 645L trunk volume Is sufficient for everyday use, the rear seats recline can be extended to 1860L, very spacious.

4: interior

interior design as a whole becomes more grades, it uses the same with the X7 instrument panel design, great sense of technology. New Car redesigned central control function keyboard, more convenient to operate. Center console selection and workmanship are no problem, thanks to the oversized LCD screen use, the internal physical buttons a lot less. In the control region has adopted a more layered, curved lines, adding a hint of gentle beauty.

Summary: 2020 BMW X5’s styling Is still so fascinating dynamic, fine-tuning the details, making it even more perfect. Compared to the old Car, its driving experience becomes more fierce, to bring a better driving pleasure. Its own brand, user-friendly configuration and precIse handling and so are the models 2020 X5 Is a magic weapon to win.