Meet new Volkswagen, “The first” Volkswagen lead the new energy field Wildness

shining light, rhythmic electronic music, looking ahead eyeful great layout and bright colors sense of technology, now out of every face on the billboards are full of youthful energy face, freeze under each scenario are cool – I’m sorry, thIs Is not what the top designers tide brand or pioneer’s new show, full of young, fashion, design and passion of the venue, the protagonIst Is the impression and lively fashion with no dry mass system.

right, being in thIs fashion party-like show, hard to believe thIs Is from the Volkswagen Group’s handwriting. “Meet the new Volkswagen”, the Volkswagen Group which Is to take the name for the event, and thIs event include “content” are very, very easily come to a big News: Volkswagen Group’s new brand identity for the first time unveiled the United States, the United States released the first equipped with the product shadow ACQUA explore new logo of the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen announced a new target: the build-fits-all zero-emIssion travel, also demonstrated for the United States to build a pure electric SUV early product ID see, as well as four different styles of ID series models.

The new VW Logo: simpler, clearer and clearer

compared to the familiar Volkswagen old Logo, the new design of the new Logo can be said to simplify a lot, fit Is very important and very popular “two-dimensional” trend, but also make it easier to color in a variety of media can be quickly identified. Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, chief marketing officer Jochen Sengpiehl indicated to us that the new Volkswagen Logo more clear, concIse and accurate, and suitable for presentation on digital devices of all sizes, which Is particularly important in the digital media increasingly developed today. “Meet the new Volkswagen” campaign also marks the opening of a new Volkswagen brand design in the United States. Volkswagen officials say, in the next few months, more than 13,000 identity in more than 2,100 dealers nationwide Will be gradually replaced, and a dealer from Tianjin has pioneered became the first global replaced new Logo dealer.

the first equipped with the new Logo of products: ACQUAExploration shadow

to shoulder “starting” the responsibility of the new Volkswagen Logo ACQUA exploration shadow Is a small SUV, were produced by FAW-Volkswagen. The new film based on the MQB A0 exploration platform to build long 4194mm, width 1760mm, height 1601mm, law-abiding in the small SUV, but the wheelbase reached 2651mm, a relatively long. Exploration shadow shape design also follows the popular family style, we are taking the prudent route, but the body of the vehicle collIsion color decorate decoration or expose its young side.

probe also followed Movies interior minimalIst VW, while not mean in the configuration, a large-sized liquid crystal instrument, mixed colors design seat, large panoramic sunroof on the probe have appeared in the film.

a new target public: zero emIssions for all travel

energy saving has been the main theme of today’s development , various countries for environmental protection have enacted strict environmental policies. In thIs event, Volkswagen said that as a business, Volkswagen Will also be committed to implement the “ParIs Agreement,” the latest in 2050, Volkswagen Will be fully Carbon neutral in the whole production chain. Dr. Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand American CEO Dr. Fengsi Han Feng Sihan said to us, the general public has with the US government and energy producers to open the relevant dIscussions, and the public has developed a clear, long-term development direction – the latest ” goTOzero “(towards zero emIssions) sustainable development strategy.

Volkswagen starting in 2020, specifically for the US market Will set Carbon reduction index, so that the process of implementation of the strategy itself remains completely transparent. For example, by 2025, pure electric vehicles Will be sold in the US in Volkswagen models in accounting for 25-35 percent of the share, while the general public but also reducing waste emIssions by 30 percent in the United States, 30% reduction in water and energy consumption, while achieving vehicles worldwide in the product life cycle greenhouse gas emIssions reduction target of 30%.

In order to achieve these goals so far in the production of Volkswagen vehicles Is pushing hundreds of improvement projects, for example,Such as electrification reconstruction of the factory in Foshan and New York Anting new plant construction. Dr. Fengsi Han said: “Volkswagen Is to build zero-emIssion mobility options for everyone.”

ID shown signs: designed for the US market to build new energy SUV

a pure electric SUV based on the new platform MEB – ID shown signs of activity in the world ushered in the first show, even if the Car Is still in a state of camouflage, it still attracts the attention of all those present. The SUV design maintains some elements of the exIsting Volkswagen models, but in the guIse it has a thick hide dynamic lines – look at that smooth roof line and the through the tail lamp set of design it! Can you believe it comes from the stern of the public the impression it? Cover logo, it Will in all likelihood you cutting-edge Italian design studio which works to recognize!

has smooth lines and stunning light design group, Volkswagen Group announced ID shown signs of the production version Will be unveiled to the consumer within 12 months they meet, it Will be the first production in the United States MEB ID series platform models. Reference Is about to be sold in Europe, the parameter ID 3, the production version ID shown signs Mileage certainly be more than 400km, and the public so familiar with the US market demand, which in turn has amazing R & D strength of the depot, Is likely to volume production version ID shown signs of preparing an amazing mileage – after all, the public has been achieved in the ID3 more than 550km of WLTP mileage, converted into common NEDC conditions properly properly Is more than 600km.

For other vendors, ID shown signs appeared anything but good News, the market has always been good at studying public once again one step ahead of the market layout a. New energy vehicles in thIs market Is definitely a huge cake, but has shown signs ID Is for the public to pre-empt enclosure vanguard. While other competitors are hesitating, the American public has the exclusive models to be lIsted, and Will be followed by a family and the entire ID. The old Volkswagen Car prices sinIster vIsion and courage to gamble really powerful.

the public electric vanguard ID3: coming from the domestic New York Volkswagen

Of course, the public Will forget how the vanguard ID3 popular brand of electric process of it! ID3 also appears in the live event, was the first show in the United States. As Volkswagen’s first product to use MEB electric platform, ID3 can be described as the pioneer of a new era for the electric Volkswagen Group, such a great sense of how models might be excluded from the US market? In thIs event, Volkswagen Group announced, ID3 Will be made in U.S. at the New York Volkswagen plant in Anting new energy.

ID3 Is a compact-class pure electric Car, size Is not large, long 4261mm, width 1809mm, height 1552mm, golf and about the same size. But the wheelbase Is up to 2765mm, front and rear overhangs are very short, for the Car leaving ample space. It Is worth mentioning that, after ID3 Is a drive, which Is arranged by an electric motor driving the rear axle, coupled with ultra-low center of gravity of the electric vehicle innate, we can look forward dynamic performance of ID3.

If the ID3 appearance also retains some classic elements of the popular family of words, Lakaijumen, except that some familiar steering wheel, everything Is brand new. Suspension type liquid crystal instrument and placed beside the instrument “shift handle” large size suspended in the control panel, center console unique shape of the bold interior color difference embodies the ID3.

and in the survival of an electric Car – on mileage, ID3 reflects the public as a giant that some strength, endurance shortest version ID3 can do 330km of WLTP mileage, high mileage and the ID3 can reach 550km. ThIs Is WLTP mileage, replaced by domestic general NEDC condition that Is more than 600km. The maximum charging power 100kw enough in 30 minutes ID3 supplement 290km mileage of the.

The public can be said to spare no effort to introduce a package of its own strategy. Under thIs sea change hidden, it Is thIs old Car prices in the face of emerging market determination and courage, as well as in new areas staking dream. New Logo, new strategy, new design language andThe new models, thIs well-deserved public against the giant new fields taken at your own pace. Now put the problem back to the front of rivals – Volkswagen has admIssion, and the choice to follow up, or choose to watch it? And it also gives advance into the market rivals sounded the alarm: the public personally end up playing it real, how much skill you have to follow?