Maverick Is not nor Is it a new generation Ford Explorer SUV appeared 7

Recently, foreign media “Rushlane” public test Ford SUV mysterious Car, presumably from body type, rear windows and other features, Is the vehicle has a decent space of seven SUV Car.

Although there are signs of Ford hexagonal grille, but the interior Is the use of modeling wave patterns, thIs Car Is the current Ford family, has not yet appeared in the New design, but heavy camouflage wrapped in layers, the fact that some details may be watching, the column Is determined from the vehicle body C, D column longer dIstance, no doubt to accommodate a third row of seats 7 SUV set.

Foreign media speculated that Ford’s shake the road’s upcoming major facelift, shake the road were in the market has been cultivating for many years, products the long cycle, appears facelift test Car, very reasonable time.

Interior also shot exposure according to the test, and the shape of the steering wheel Ranger quite similar, and also to catch the brand new generation cockpit Is red, and the new daifukesi , the same as Maverick, the shift lever out of the traditional design, put the knob styling.

Dynamic expected a 2.0-liter turbo engine, and equipped with the knob-speed gearbox 8, and the outer medium in the end there Is a snoop dIsc configuration, even multiple rear suspension bar layout, the rear drive shaft Is also no obvious structure, thIs front-wheel drive vehicle driving mode.