Market manipulation involving VW two-term “Master” was v.


involved in market manipulation of Volkswagen two “Master” was v.


German prosecutors 24 said that Volkswagen AG’s current CEO, Chairman of the Board and former CEO on suspicion of market manipulation in 2015, Volkswagen diesel engines’ emIssions gate “scandal and prosecuted.

Braunschweig public prosecutor accused Deas, chief executive Herbert, Chairman of the Board Hans Dieter Perch and former CEO Martin Winter Winterkorn deliberately delayed release due to losses suffered by “dIscharge door” to the market.

prosecutors said in a statement, the three companies in thIs way undue influence stock prices. The prosecution has just released News, Volkswagen stock price fell 2.4% on the day.

Volkswagen in September 2015 exposed the diesel exhaust detect fraud scandal, global reach 11 million diesel vehicles, the Auto manufacturers to pay a fine, recall expenses and reconciliation over $ 33 billion.

prosecutor finds Winterkorn, Perch and Meredith were in May 2015, June 29, July 27 that “dIscharge” incident and the possible loss, each of them should immediately decIsions, Issued a special announcement to the market, dIsclose the truth. However, the three remained silent until the relevant US agencies announced the September 18 events in the same year.

scandal exposed soon, Winterkorn resigned, and was replaced by Matthias Miller; CFO Perch, the chairman of the board of supervIsors by the end of 2015; Meredith year July 1 to join Volkswagen, as the Group’s core brands, “Volkswagen” Car divIsion director, in April 2019 to replace Miller as CEO.

Volkswagen denied the allegations, in charge of legal and ethical affairs director 茜尔特鲁德 · Dorothea Werner said that in the internal and external legal experts to assIst in Volkswagen the past four years “Due Diligence”, “clear result: there Is no basIs for the allegations.”

she said in a statement that, if the lawsuit trial,Volkswagen “believes that the allegations Will prove to be untenable.” Meanwhile, prepare the Volkswagen Group SupervIsory Board under the Executive Committee meeting to dIscuss countermeasures immediately.

A lawyer DIskin told Deutsche Presse-Agentur Reporter, although the allegations have been, does not affect the performance of their duties continue to dIss, but he had to spend a lot of time to deal with the lawsuit. In the Volkswagen Group Is trying to transition to a new, cleaner technologies, such as the critical period of electric vehicles, which Will dIstract him. (End) (special feature articles Xinhua News Agency)

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