Many people like modified car interiors, car interiors notes on retrofitting What?

Automotive interior refit for many young people for many Car interior Is not particularly satIsfied, so there have been Automotive interior modification industry. According to our experience, customer conversion, customer after the conversion Is completed it Is very fond of their own after the modification, after all, hIs Car after modification inside with a comfortable and warm feeling, and you can follow their favorite romantic style to correct, then the Car interior conversion, we need to know what things? The basic principles of Automotive interior conversion of

Automotive interior conversion considerations


jewelry should be matched with the color tone of the Car itself, the blind pursuit of price, quality aspect Is likely to be wasted, such as light-colored Car interior tone with dark or bright colors to avoid


according to the actual Car layout space, generally accompanied by a small accessories, jewelry and other small reflects the owner’s personality

Automotive interior conversion considerations


modified to comply with interior layout and orderly, or dIsorderly , scattered in various types of equipment, or mIsplacing garbage, Will give a bad impression


in the pursuit of individuality and quality at the same time, the Car must be modified in order to ensure the safety of the premIse, try to avoid hanging in the Car or influence large windshield, rearview mirror vIsion of goods

Car decorated with notes on retrofitting


through the owner’s taste Over Automotive interior perfume can be reflected, too strong perfume Is likely to affect the evaluation of the guests, so fresh and natural species suitable for use in the Car