Many drivers do not know the old engine technology, fuel-efficient car the reason Is because these techniques

how can kind of make Cars more fuel-efficient? The problem has always been that all Car manufacturers want the problem, and thIs problem after the second generation of the Mazda engine out of the blue sky, thIs problem Is the perfect solution.

Although the compression-ignition gasoline engine Is an innovative, but still has not been detected in time, so we think he’s in such a good time also more concerned about quality, say economic engine, in fact, the current market, there are many better engine.

The first Is closing cylinder engine 20 years ago, everyone in the pursuit of that six-cylinder 8-cylinder engines enjoy a sense of fun, but thIs better soon the energy crIsIs was a problem with environmental pollution to suppress, so we realized that a six-cylinder or eight-cylinder four-cylinder engine Is definitely a waste, unnecessary for such a situation arIse, so you can not let the temporary closure of part of the cylinder, in thIs under the idea, close-cylinder engine appeared.

To achieve the closed state of the engine cylinder, it Will require some changes to the mechanIsm inside the general position of the camshaft changes as long as the engine can be achieved, in the technology of the future technologically advanced, Is now accomplIshed by the computer control panel, so that the management Is not a problem, the Car drove to a certain part of the cylinder deactivation state allows lower fuel consumption.

and then double-cycle Is, in fact, thIs technology Is combined with the Otto cycle Atkinson together, so that they can take into account both the power consumption aspects, so to achieve double loop, you have to make some changes in the valve timing, because the rhythm of two kinds of intake and exhaust cycles are not the same.

and thIs technology Is that we are more familiar with the Toyota Crown, he would have a two-cycle engine 2.0t, Toyota improved by vvt technology because it allows the under different circumstances can choose the right skills loop, so the past few years on hybrid Cars can often hear Atkinson engine as the Accord hybrid 2.0l engine, which Is twIsted with powerful motors complement of state to achieve fuel-efficient.

followed by a variable compression, thIs technology Is also a engine last year most of our attention, and thIs engine Is the most famous NIssan, we all know that a high compression ratio can make Cars more fuel province, but not to say that all hIs conditions are applicable, so that a high compression ratio for the low-load low-speed, low compression ratio but more suitable for high-load high-exclusive, so should be able to Automatically match under different circumstances suitable compression ratio Is certainly romantic fuel It would be more obvious.

Finally, the mixed light Is 48v. ThIs matter Is also commonly known as fuel vehicles prolonging drugs, though a bit exaggerated but can also understand that large position from the current market, since it Is a light mix, it shows that the Car Is still powered by the main engine output, 48v motor can make up for thIs shortcoming engine fuel consumption when the Car Is idling, compared to the traditional hybrid, I think thIs Is more cost gasoline to some extent, but Will fuel the engine last longer.