Luxury SUV has a top off-road capability, the strength Is evident Lamborghini Urus

ThIs Is a Lamborghini, you can drive anywhere to anywhere. And it Is still a Lamborghini, a drive to make the heart twitch, but we never managed to have done so much, for example, we have never been so comfortable sitting behind the Lamborghini. ThIs Is not the bull has a rear seat, but there Is plenty of room to stretch, since the wedge shape Lamborghini Urus deceptive.

We believe that it Is more in line with Makham size, it then encounters metal, but it Is a large bull, slightly longer and wider lower wheelbase, the rear portion to provide surprIsingly good space. We expect Will brush knees on the seat back forward, but due to the inclination of the roof line, the head gap Is acceptable, and therefore has a real stretch comfort. There are three safety belts, but since the shape of the roof liner, not sitting in the middle bag, and a small head space cushion too strong.

never did as we start shooting in a Lamborghini Carrying so much kit Lamborghini Urus, although the body does not look like referenced 616 liters as generous, but good shape retention, the seat back can be folded even in a convenient segmentation. We never used a range of modern driver assIstance systems and safety systems driving a Lamborghini, but Lamborghini Urus comes with a good lIst of standard equipment, including active cruIse with a stop and stop function, as well as anti-lock system and blind-spot monitoring lane keeping technology.

They humbly called Lamborghini Urus super sports utility vehicle, and its weight may be 2200 kg, 2348 kg and in fact, but it Will still be from the trap explosion out, the clock Will be stopped in a sprint 100 rpm in 3.55 seconds. ThIs Is ultra-fast all-wheel drive and a variable speed transmIssion mode Is provided in full eight-speed Automatic transmIssion, the brake Is suitable Carbon-ceramic rotor Super 440 mm. And with the use of such a steam roller, which Is impressive, just 33 meters from 100 km per hour.

we have never seen the Lamborghini Urus Tan Buluo means, for changing a center console button and lever arrangement well driving mode . It also selects the toothWheel, of course, the reversing drive can enter the shift sheet except dialing. Armani lever on the left let you into driving mode, which Is a comprehensive campaign mode, configurable digital dashboard appears. With off-road package tester also equipped Sabia mode, multi-stage air suspension rIses in response to the engine becomes blunt, but it helps smooth bumpy off-road travel. Then there’s snow and ice drift mode, of course, thIs Is not the first off-road capability provided by the company.

If the default settings do not meet your driving preferences, but also allows you to change all-wheel drive through three settings, but also have suspension and steering. With the progress mode, the role Will change significantly, it Is Strada gentleman style. But never so peacefully riding a raging bull on the city streets, the air suspension provides a channel for the dignity of oversized wheels. Steering Is very light and understated engine note, except of course when you start it still insIsts loudly boasted, the Car Is smooth, because the Lamborghini Urus play a real role in exquIsite luxury SUV. And the engine and steering movement in response to hard pitch, the digital dIsplay provided to a more brilliant, more robust and the controller. Lamborghini Urus chassIs techniques which include all of the tracks, the system can achieve rapid active roll stabilization, all four corners are adaptive air, but reduces the fast mode, the rear wheels into the turning behavior, Differences in the active torque with a help further drift.

There are a lot of Pirelli rubber, although there are a lot of size and quality down the road, but the Lamborghini Urus never felt awkward. No trace of understeer in fast corners, the only stable stability, steering and rear differential. Never let us confidently gas fixed on a rough road Lamborghini, where steep slopes and depressions could threaten the low-lying ground integrity. But there was never any question about clearing, and can make the most of the boom collIsion becomes smooth, never worry because calm.

in a compact and annoying part of the twIsted trail, the front Will start the final push, but remain online with a number of smart target brake. Appropriate control measures, such as thIs need to be able to effectively manage the front end of the SUV in the corners, turning fast and sensitive. ThIs increases the participation of another driverLayer, which Is very suitable for Lamborghini, while the Lamborghini Urus really twIsts and turns in the corners. Xhosa see mode transmIssion becomes too large, sharp downshift in order to ensure that the Lamborghini Urus flying under power. To say the least Is fast, powerful and slow down the pace to make sure you can go all out at the next corner.

dIsappears from the exhaust pipe driver’s seat, but if you adjust your ears, you can detect crackles and pops. Urus Is a real fast flow of travelers on the road, if not always on the high-end power, then a 75-liter tank Will provide a reasonable range. It’s rated speed of 12.7 liters per 100 kilometers, although we managed to stage a double. But by relaxing that moment amount can be reduced to a single number, for example, the nature of the engine and boost vehicle legs.