Luxury car interior, excellent shape as long as 300,000, no less Audi!

filed Volvo now everyone can think about are the things Geely acquIsition, we can now talk about the country Is not made in U.S., not grade level problems. Now many people buy a Car has entered a rather strange circle, follow the trend of buying very popular, whether it Is hot or BMW Audi Benz now some of the SUV, some people buy a lot of time to follow suit or are recognized brand. Of course, we do not deny that many models really good, but not every brand models are excellent it Is inevitable.

What time

standard Car again when we are? price? Interior? quality? Exterior? And so on to, but many people do not secure thIs value. Indeed, even if now and then out of the city in general what the accident would not hurt, does not appear very serious problem, but we all know the truth rainy day, but sometimes a problem we irreversible, even if that time Is too late to regret.

Volvo can be said has been under the safety Car and then on top of the big time, its most famous places are Automotive safety. Volvo said it Is a luxury brand, but sales were smaller than those of the old Car brand, of course, there Is no lack of competitiveness, but the Volvo S90 Car Is still quite good, give us today Amway not lose thIs to Audi A6L Car.


S90 Is the standard size C-Class luxury Car, the Car stable in appearance, and sharp, thIs Car Is typical of commercial vehicles, For people 30 years old and then up. While the Car looks calm, but there Is no shortage of dynamic, the former face look chrome design the perfect combination of past Car logo and grille, giving a feeling of elegance.

Side view of the Car supple lines, flow lines perfect. But the fly in the ointment Is the Car’s rear lights has been criticized because many people feel ugly, C-shaped design embedded in the tail, does not really look good, but that does not mean that it Is hard to see. For thIs reason the tail taillights make appearance becomes not so out of color.

Inside the Car to tell the truth did comfort, as a partial business sedan, the Car’s interiorThe degree of luxury aside, but said seat materials considered choice of materials Is very luxurious, and sit in experienced people say very comfortable, especially the back seat of the owner and main driving position.

Of course, in the control of the interior layout Ye Hao on all aspects worth mentioning are nothing novel design, and many of today’s Cars or technological sense compared to bursting but on the degree of luxury Car no less can not be compared.

aspects of the power of thIs Car Is only a 2.0L engine dIsplacement, which Is compared to a lot of luxury Cars Is often insufficient, dynamic, selectivity can be said of a lot less, because of thIs price thIs Car Is relatively low, compared to more than 30 million price for the Austrian Ben Po more attractive.