Loss of light minor scratches car paint, what small coup it?

Car paint surface dIscoloration, loss of light Is how we want to conduct daily control, to Carry out the finIsh as soon as possible, try to take Care of science Is to delay the paint fade, lose critical measure of the speed of light.

The first Automobile paint Knowledge: daily prevention

(1) High quality cleaning agent and the correct cleaning method for cleaning the Car, because the early removal of harmful things paint surface.

(2) rain, fog after to early drop wipe the surface finIsh and prevent the lens effect.

(3) high quality wax, wax polIshing surface finIsh early on, because the upper protective layer Is formed on the surface of paint, paint Isolated on contact with air, preventing oxygen gasification corrosion.

(4) improving the Car Is parked the environment, to prevent corrosion naturally occurring.

(5) Anti-static installation means prevent transportation of the film.

Second: paint dIscoloration, loss of light management

1. Grinding, polIshing

For the naturally occurring mild dIscoloration and light scratches caused by aging, loss of light, may be cleaning of polIshed surface of eliminating dIscoloration, loss of light; and wax polIsh , you can restore the glossy finIsh.

knowledge of Automotive paint 2. The colored wax

, also known as colored wax color wax. The main role of such enriched product Is a wax, polymerized waxes are single, containing a small amount of glaze, the same color can more beautiful paint vehicle, since the wax has a hyperchromic color, fill and covering functions, it can fade, surface finIsh reducing loss of light.

Car paint knowledge

3. Paint renovation

For severe fading aging and naturally occurring lens effect caused by loss of light,Due to severe damage paint, paint renovation cope with spray equipment. Paint loss of light treatment process procedures and methods

4, or natural oxidation Is severe loss of light caused by a scratch shallow approach: the above Automotive paint surface causes loss of light, usually the method of buffing may be employed for processing.

5, or natural oxidation serious gains and losses due to the optical lens effect severe: the above Automotive paint surface causes loss of light, required repainted.

1 Cars on the road, scratched, scratches are unavoidable, if you see the parking lot of the Car was scratched, the owners and my heart even more than the taste. Car scratch not only affects the appearance, Will have to spend a lot of money to repair.

Of course, if you have some Car scratch repair tips, you can save a lot of money down. Several save money and worry of repairing scratches small series of small coup to you.

01 Toothpaste

Car has minor scratches fix

minor injury can toothpaste spread on the scratches, which can be removed slowly wiping scratches, toothpaste because there are very small particles, equivalent to wiping slowly vIsible scratches ground down.

02 fine wax, slack wax

The method of repairing the Car has minor scratches

minor injury site paint Is scratched in the surface finIsh can be completely repaired by waxing. With a mixture of linear wiping process of wiping, then call wax beforehand with the crude wax, and then the fine wax, from the inside out in the same direction, so that almost all the fine scratches removed.

There Is also a more economical method Is to use a toothpaste repair coating in shallow lightly scratched, and then wiping with a soft cotton counterclockwIse, down a few times, not only to reduce scratches, but also to avoid the erosion of paint wounds of air.

03 up painting

Car has minor scratchesFix

If we can see very clearly when scratches on the paint, it Is recommended to use up painting for processing. Be sure to know the official name of the standard paint colors What, after purchasing the corresponding color up painting on it.

04 other marks and rust, paint from the

The method of repairing the Car has minor scratches

severe wounds appear on other parts of the body, it needs a touch-up painting, or even a small breakage, steel Will start to rust, to that time, even up painting also difficult to rust up.

first Car owner may be dry cleaned, coated with the rust agent scratches, etc. 10 to 15 minutes after the descaling agent wiped off with tIssue paper, to avoid scratching at continue rust.

05 recess repair technique

The method of repairing the Car has minor scratches

The repair recess need not complicated tools, crowbars, primarily as outwardly into the recess of the top sheet from the inside out, thIs technique must be fine, fine adjustment of the key bit by bit, then hit from the outside with a rubber hammer to hit the overall shape of the restoration work, and finally with the same sharp pencil thing then fine tune the body protruding convex marks.