Look at the color value of the car were several cars interior Is actually even higher than the value of the Yen

usually see on the road, only handsome appearance can be striking, many people are obsessed with appearance, but in fact the interior Is your face every day, we have to talk about those rich “content” of Car.

Benz E-Class

does not provide trim Mercedes-Benz Is illegal, on the interior to create an atmosphere, Mercedes-Benz represents BMW, Audi still have a little later. E-Class can be said Is a small S-Class, one-piece instrument panel and control the atmosphere and dIstinctive, decorative wood with ambient lighting, Is really both a sense of luxury and contemporary sense of technology.

Of course, BBA are in the configuration has been neatly buttoned, and always matching or increased allocation models, the price difference kinda far, it Is difficult to understand most dignified E-Class models Is actually leather seats, but also their own installation of leather, keyless entry, power tailgate, seat memory of what was to be on the low allocation models optional, no way, money Is the Best, money Is Nothing, choose how many E-Class has business needs, in order to face the installation or to the pocket.

personally optimIstic about E 200L 4MATIC models, which Is 2.0 four-wheel drive models only choice.

FAW – Volkswagen Magotan

At first glance, it may be a little stunned, magotan Hedeheneng, alone, the phrase “thIs Car more advanced”? But think about the 200,000 level, but also a sense of luxury interiors Which do more than magotan on the grade. Some time ago, it was the Internet that relatively heavy door slamming of Car description relatively high grade, a lot of people say that the problem of sealing strip, in fact, think about it, thIs argument Is also no problem, under the recall, Mercedes-Benz door slamming your home Is not to heavy than a taxi?

say that the public love with Jane, heartless, in fact, looking through a single configuration, the price of the exIsting configuration, and no magotanDeduction on the low allocation models, the whole system leather seats, cruIse control standard, 2.0 models electrically adjustable seats, mainly selected materials to soft materials, many of the same level of the Car interior, feels full plastic feel, gently knock or two, you Will find that there are very different.

recommended luxury 330TSI DSG, which Is a low-power version of the 2.0T with models, practical configuration complete, in front of friends and Will not lose your saves.

German Cars do on the


in the sense of quality interior He has a good performance, but made Cars in the selected materials Is really Willing to lower costs.

MARVEL X using leaps and bounds in the control, with 19.4 inches super run large screen, flat-bIs spoke Technology steering wheel, combining technological sense and a sense of luxury, Roewe MARVEL X seat covered by the German Bader perforated Nappa leather, delicate texture, soft touch, with Alcantara fabric for matching. Roewe MARVEL X also take a 64-color palette rhythm PromIse intelligent ambient lighting.

electric Car market Is not much choice, especially in the range of 25-70 Wan, almost entirely neutral state, can not touch Tesla threshold 10 may not be Willing to tens of thousands of electric Cars, there MARVEL X’s really fill thIs neutral.

Currently, only 2 models to choose from, Xiao Bian prefer all-wheel drive version of the model, a lot of excellent power quality, the key Is more of thIs motor Is not late plus installed ah.

Volvo XC60

on the Car here, in fact, Is controversial , XC60’s interior Is like love, I do not feel like garbage. Its style Is too prominent, typical Scandinavian minimalIst style, nothing luxurious decoration, I think thIs Is frigid wind, the black interior of the cabin, even the Car Will reduce the desire to shock. Car seat only black and white suture Is formed largerThe collIsion, but the design Is so simple, but it Is many people’s favorite, Less Is more, thIs Is the truth.

on the configuration, or a lot more than BBA Volvo conscience, mostly single configuration “solid black circle”, BBA other hand, a single row of the configuration row “open circles” optional really skull pain. The proposed election of the optional winter package, 2000 dollars can make your Car with a “blanket” function, in the cold of winter, and even the steering wheel and front and rear warm front windshield Will no longer have to worry about at home for the elderly the Car shivering from the cold.

Zhiyuan four-wheel drive version of the model, high cost, LCD instrument panel in the control Will greatly enhance the sense of technology, if like me, like the occasional “presumptuous” look, you can choose Zhiyuan sport, steering wheel shift makes you imagine that he Is autumn Mountain Rider.

written in the last

beautiful appearance Is important, but often the interior before deciding on a Car in people the eyes of grades, after all, your ass Is with the seat in daily life, but also your companion in the Car with you from morning till evening.