Long line of rear-end Volkswagen NIssan Qashqai Long line owners: Who says the public crashworthiness of real wagon?

In the Automotive industry, among Volkswagen’s safety performance Is undoubtedly the most reliable, plus the appearance in line with the needs of people, so it’s all a joint venture vehicle sales are among the highest. Now, with the major Car companies make Cars technology continues to progress, the growing competitiveness of the industry, Volkswagen’s safety performance Will be as reliable as before? Then we pass along to look at the quality of rear-end accidents Volkswagen Car in the end how it!

Recently, I saw a bright line Shaanxi owners from drying out with rear-end accident picture at the forum, and with the text said: “Yesterday drive go to work, just hit the rush hour, so the road Is crowded, I went with stop and go all the way thIs time, the phone suddenly rang, just about to pick up the phone the moment, it was found that the vehicle in front brakes lights were already on a. so he quickly hit to the right of the steering wheel and the brakes can be because too close dIstance with the Car, they still hit …… “

after the collIsion, the owner of Long lines quickly get off to see the damage to the vehicle, the owner may result took Long rows surprIse! Pictures from the scene point of view, two Cars were damaged to varying degrees, of which the front part of the left side of Long lines severely damaged bumpers, grille and hood deformation obviously, but also the left headlight was damaged, repair fee estimated to be on the yuan.

we look at the damage under the NIssan QASHQAI, NIssan Qashqai addition to bumpers and somewhat deformed tailgate elsewhere and no serious problem, even Liang did not even crash deformation. After seeing the gap between the two vehicles, Long-line owners could not help saying: “Now the Volkswagen Car with minus too serious, light touch on the front to be so bad, days Cars are not as good, who said the public ? crashworthiness of real wagon. “

subsequently, the owner of Long lines suffered at the forum also attracted a lot of friends of public opinion, that someone commented:” He said Volkswagen wagon fact, Japanese Car thin, but thIs result Is not on her face yet, “” I did not expect Volkswagen Will Knocked “” I ask QASHQAI Is a Japanese Car? how I feel crashworthiness than the German Cars! ”

The author commented: Volkswagen Long lines that reason it hurts tooWhat Is serious, probably related with the impact location! Share chart from the owner, Volkswagen Long lines hit the bumper beam angle of the Qashqai, which Is the hardest place to crash beams, so Long lines Will so find! I do not know how people perceive public safety in the Automobile it?