Like the seven new energy vehicles, these paragraphs Is a good choice, high cost large space!

like the seven new energy vehicles, these paragraphs Is a good choice, high cost large space!

7 models have been quite high in popularity in recent years, many consumers are choosing Cars buyers want to choose a more practical, but also has a manned emergency function the seven models. Now back to the corresponding hot new energy vehicle market, today we have to recommend several seven new energy vehicles for everyone to see if your dIsh?

Wei to ES8: ES 8 Wei to as a large SUV models, the models used in the layout seven models. ES 8 to Wei Wei can be said to be very representative of Automobile products, thIs Car after the market, gained widespread attention. From the appearance, Wei front design ES 8 to retain the X-Bar design techniques, the overall looks very sharp. Power, Wei to ES 8 Is equipped with a maximum power of 240kW, peak torque of 420 Nm electric motor, NEDC overall condition Mileage Is 355km, 60km / h constant speed mileage up to 500km.

Ji Lijia occasion PHEV: appearance, using Ka occasion auspicious family design, front grill so Galaxy fretted formula quite recognizable. Inside, T-shaped layout, with the suspension in the control panel, the overall feeling of calm atmosphere. Dynamic aspects, the PHEV version 1.5 L by a turbocharged engine, the motor, and a capacity of 11.3 kWh group composed of batteries, integrated maximum power 189 kW, maximum torque comprehensive 385 N · m.

BYD new energy SONG MAX: After soaking up the relevant policies of subsidies, Song MAX new energy price from 149,900 yuan to 196,900 yuan range. Power section, equipped with a new energy SONG MAX plug-in hybrid system of a turbocharged engine with an electric motor 1.5T combination, the total output power of 228 kilowatts system, the total output torque of 495 Nm, matching speed dual clutch 6 gearbox.

Biyaditang DM: DM Tang whole new generation of attractive appearance of the surge, the overall profile full coordination exquIsitely, powerful image more vivid. Configuration, Tang DM 14.6 inches rotatably mounted on a big screen in the control, also equipped with a lane departure, a lane change assIstant, seat heating ventilation, Automatic air conditioning function. Power, equipped with a 2.0 T engine, the maximum power of 151 kW, maximum torque of 320 N · m, also equipped with a maximum power of 110 kW, maximum torque of 250 N · m and the maximum power of 180kW front axle motor, the maximum torque 380 N · m rear axle of the motor.

ideal ONE: After enjoying the subsidy-related policies, ideal ONE Is priced at 328,000 yuan. Power section, Is mounted over a set of extended-ONE power system, the total output power of 240 kilowatts system, the total output torque of 530 Nm. 6 and 7 optional, extended-strong powertrain performance and trouble-free life, the overall design materials texture Is better than similarly priced models.