Liaoning riders spend 820,000 yuan to buy a BMW X5, quantum cool blue, Rayong, Thailand plant

BMW X5 Is imported in large SUV, like the appearance of the atmosphere by the movement of different ages faithful Car, because it Is Mercedes-Benz GLE, the Audi Q7 compete, not low-level positioning, outstanding road performance but also can be properly cross-country, in our country have a firm footing, it has always been the business people of the city SUV.

In order to consolidate now BMW has introduced the high-end commercial vehicle market BMW X7, thIs way BMW SUV into almost all kinds of high-end price level, compared to the Mercedes-Benz SUV, BMW SUV more solid, step by step, showing BMW’s efforts over the years, both the exterior and interior styling has improved.

the moment to buy a BMW X5 Is also a lot of riders, because many business people would like the BMW X5 classic, the kind with sharp angular body lines, more there are hardcore, there are muscular, especially in the more than ten years ago, that time can be said that swept the moment, and it Porsche Cayenne SUV for our domestic development has a role in guiding nature.

quantum blue BMW X5 we are seeing now Is an Liaoning riders spent 820,000 yuan to buy, thIs Is the 2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i models exclusive type M sport package, 82 million Is all to do down here, spent the money, of course, the price Is not low configuration Is very rich, BMW introduced the current models are the intentions of those with ultra-luxury Car Is not recommended.

Now the Car has been open for two months, the owner Is also very familiar with its big brother, he also 11,500 yuan optional full leather dashboard, so cab looks like top models, like, very good vIsual effects, center console side neatly, large center armrest area Is more practical, a lot of vehicle electronic configuration, active and passive safety systems, like a lot.

The BMW X7 sports a more youthful, compared to previous generations of the BMW X5 a lot of weight, to see body size, its length and breadth respectively 4.93 m, 2.004 m, 1.776 m, more spacious cabin space, and later seats are very comfortable, but relatively speaking there Is no legroomI thought so spacious.

mention Car owners after two months only to see the BMW X5 “identity Card” – the body nameplate, owners said a bit puzzled, because thIs Car BMW X5 production turned out to be from Thailand, it Is clearly vIsible on the body nameplate Car from Thailand Rayong factory, but the quantum blue paint Is really beautiful, cool, especially in the garIsh sun.

the BMW X5 dynamic performance Is also good, but the 2.0T dIsplacement of the BMW X5 Will be no dIsplacement of 3.0T smooth, especially in the start-up time, ride the six-cylinder engine Is particularly evident, 340 horsepower Is strong enough, the steering wheel Is very light, very good performance out of control, front-wheel-drive system, which Is one hundred zero acceleration performance of 5.5 seconds, the BMW X5 Is vIsible performance .