Li Xiang, 36 krypton, Xiaopeng Wei and former employees to: Wei Bin but not to cars Is a good man

Cars Reporters, depending on the assessment Automobile, Auto record

Lee would like to say: Those who give up over the Car, most choose fuel vehicles , few people choose to Wei, Tesla and other electric Car brand. ThIs Is Lee wanted 2020 at 15:00 on August 19th in the afternoon on the microblogging said passage. Original words were: “Because of the waiting period Is too long to unsubscribe ideal ONE user orders, almost all chose other brands of Car fuel, and not many users to switch to the Wei to the tesla or other pure electric Car brand.”

ThIs Is in effect the people say: Wei to such a pure electric Car Is not, rather than buy a pure electric Car, might as well buy fuel Car. Lee would like to say thIs sentence, in fact, more than 36 Krypton last weekend cooked up that sentence but also ruthless. Last weekend, 36 krypton In that article scraper to say: “If it were not bad Cars, Wei to really have a chance.”

regardless of remark Is right or wrong, wrote thIs sentence krypton 36 Reporters and editors name worth remembering : author Cheng Xiao Yi, Wu Yan editor. The two men signed scraper thing I read the article can be regarded as “Wei to kill the invIsible.” Said weekend I was talking to a Reporter and an old 36 Krypton thIs article: “The article only interviewed thirty-five Wei did not take long to stay, in the near future from Wei to leave, young people lack jobs insignificant outsiders, by society as a whole can not wait to step on the foot of the new energy situation, severely stabbed Wei to the knife. whole article without any assessment of the circumstances, there Is no sign and looks so natural in a completely unquestionable tone suddenly such a sentence – ‘either because of rotten Car, Wei to really have a chance,’ ‘Li Bin Is a good man’; these words, simply to kill Wei the invIsible. but no way, the reader Is like to watch thIs sentiment to promote the article, no one really would go to research and understand the business. ” My argument has been that the old Reporter’s profound approval. Obviously, for some reason, I do not convenient to dIsclose the name of the old Reporter. but I did not expect that,Li Xiang, Wei to one of the shareholders of the Car, Wei to one of the world’s only six EP9 owner of more than 36 Reporters krypton even ruthless. ThIs Is a bit beyond my expectations. Lee would be so “rub” the hot spot on. At 15:00 on the 19th afternoon, Lee would like to send some micro-Bo: “recently had a bad phenomenon, it may be desirable to start delivery of ONE, Wei Car to any negative News there are people thrown to us. thIs phenomenon lasted for some time, I began to feel such Jiahuoyuren sound passed quickly, but recently intensified, which we really do not pan back. my relationship with Li Bin, Xiaopeng than the we imagine better. ideal vehicle location to nurse wet nurse groups, long-term R & D has only three rows of seats in the large SUV and MPV, meet three generations of home users demand ideal rooted in extended range electric Car technology (extended-range large Cars do have a good scene and cost advantages), trying to make a pedelec get fuel vehicles similar vehicle cost, market size and ease of use. our target market Is the level of fuel vehicles, technology roadmap, market selection, we do not think and Wei to the Car have any competition between a precIse large sample data to prove: due to ideal ONE waiting period Long unsubscribe user orders, almost all chose other brands of Car fuel, and not many users to switch to the Wei to the tesla or other pure electric Car brand. Early we Will take the electric Car enthusiasts and pure electric vehicles select brand comparIson, but after thIs early group, normally a wider range of consumers Is almost no overlap. we can see that most of them are the head of the group to speak on the microblogging, and more of our users do not purchase on microblogging, not concerned about my microblogging. breadth of thIs world far more than micro-Bo, the world Will not see a big point of conspiracy theory and a zero-sum game. at the same time, Wei Is also my personal Car to shareholders, stakeholders. guesses various conspiracy theories to rest there, give us the long road repairer of new businesses more time and effort, let us use the technology, products ., quality, service thanks. “ Lee would mean:! I Will not wronged me, And that a series of krypton 36 black Wei to the article Is not an ideal plan, I was not black Wei to lift ideal. Li Wei to think the Car shareholder, Lee would like an extended-Car ideal, with Wei to pure electric Car, looks completely not competitors. So, in the end what people, or does anyone think Lee would like to plan a series of articles against Wei as a way to help sell it ideal for large? I am very confused. Lee read the text of the statement think you Will find that Lee wanted to “bad idea” how deep hiding, thIs Is the beginning of the article I picked out those remarks: “As ONE ideal cycle Is too long to wait for orders unsubscribe users, almost all chose other brands of Car fuel, and not many users to switch to the Wei to the tesla or other pure electric Car brand. ”

Lee think the implication Is: if not buy an extended-range, consumers Will not buy a pure electric Car brand, they It Will buy fuel vehicles. ThIs Is in effect telling people say: pure electric Car Is not worth buying. In the end thIs Is a black, or very honest, harmless to humans and animals reported actual orders? ThIs Is a bit confusing.

forward to double the hIstory of Wei to be so “under the ruthless hand” not only Li Xiang, as well as Car Xiaopeng Xiaopeng.

2019, Xiaopeng played a beautiful gamble Bin. That year, Wei announced to complete the 10,000 vehicles delivered, was also the founder of the Car without a Car Xiaopeng Xiaopeng made circle of friends, said: repairer 2019 no new forces to complete the delivery of 10,000 vehicles, and repeatedly stressed that the new repairer forces “really hard.”

He Xiaopeng rhetoric seems sincere, entirely from their own point of view, it seems harmless to humans and animals, Is not to Bin questioned the meaning. At one time, the whole circle of friends are Xiaopeng’s sincerity touched.

As a result, no matter Xiaopeng of good faith Is true, but even Xiaopeng came out to express “doubts” symbolic significance Is very strong. He Xiaopeng these questions Is to give people hints: 1, Wei to you really okay? 2, even if you finIshIt became, how the quality of it? ThIs and Lee would like now to say “not many users to switch to the Wei to the tesla or other pure electric Car brand” Is a meaning. And now ideal brand’s first Car Is also not come out. It Is not also a hot rub it? And also to rub the hot rumor of the form? Anyway, Xiao Bian did not understand. Look at these people in unIson rhetoric. He Xiaopeng: “I quite admire Bin brother, I remember before I invest Xiaopeng Car, also asked the opinions and thinking of Li Bin.”

36 Krypton interview a few young people from Wei to leave, repeatedly saying: “But they almost invariably finds’ Li Bin Is a good man ‘. “” Li Bin Is a good man. Wei to give space for the staff, treatment than many traditional OEMs a high-grade, each employee every year, three or four thousand tourIsm fund, earmarked almost like a fool for good employees. “

Lee thought:” my relationship with Li Bin, Xiaopeng’s better than we imagined. “ [.

@ Li Bin Li Xiang also specifically under thIs microblogging. But thIs time seems to go astray Li Bin, and Lee did not want to make any response to thIs “rumor.”

Xiao Bian questions are: 1, Li Bin Is really good? 2, thIs year, are all popular kills?

3, Li Bin’s reaction Will be: baby suffer heart ah! But having said that, from Wei to subsequent market feedback, if you can believe Xiaopeng than half are fulfilled, then that Lee wanted it?

According to publication Sunday to do a survey, “you Will buy it new energy vehicles,” a total of 104 of consumers participating in the survey, which choose to give up the purchase of new energy vehicles in favor of fuel Car 45 people, accounting for 43%, nearly half. In other words, because the fire spontaneous combustion of pure electric vehicles occur frequently, in which 100 people, nearly half of consumers were to take away the traditional fuel vehicles, which are in line with those of Lee wanted to say.

but the good News Is, the remaining 67% of the people still choose a new energy vehicles, of which 35 were selected “postpone the planned purchase of new energy vehicles, choose to wait”; another 14 people chose to buy new energy vehicles, 10 people chose to buy other than pure electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, the overall number of people switch to buying more than fuel Car people. It seems consumers still have high hopes for new energy vehicles. Whether Li Bin, Lee thought, or Xiaopeng, must continue to refuel.

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