Lexus IS major facelift to wait for three years in October 2020 but a substantial facelift

From the birth in 2013 it has been for seven of the third generation of the Lexus IS, originally in 2020 should be Carried out major facelift, and took the opportunity to replace the position of GS, but by the global downturn in the Car market, and Toyota Group’s strategy adjustment, making the iS development time followed later extended, has already identified a major facelift to wait until 2023 to have a chance to come out, and thIs year Is based on a substantial facelift to prolong life.

It Is understood that thIs time codenamed focus 960B of IS significant facelift, that appearance Will give a new set of headlights and grille, reduced after the headlight high beam set active area increases, and the bumper in order to reduce the spoiler Is a separated rather than integrally formed in the interior Is maintained at the current frame, the touch screen Will change the remote location before costs, and again design trim panel material and configuration, while the seat shape Will be slightly modified, of course, based on the convenience of study, Will increase the number of USB jacks. As for power, it Is said in addition to the exIsting 2.0L turbo, 2.5L Hybrid, 3.5L V6 three options, 5.0L V8 heart Will be with the high-performance IS-F’s return and the resurrection, but in view of the new rules too harsh, Toyota Will make every effort to be adjusted, but speculated 3.5L V6 Will therefore be likely to dIsappear, but the current stage but still too early to say, everything Is still to wait for the second half Will be more clear.

in the end the next generation of IS in the end look like? But now have different opinions, after all, still three years away from the market, but it can be determined that architecture TNGA chassIs platform, wheelbase than the current increase of 70mm to 2870mm, the minimum turning radius of only a slight increase over the current 5.2m 0.1m to 5.3m; 4750 × 1820 × 1420mm body size also slightly grew more. The most prominent feature in addition to maintaining the shape of spindle-shaped grille design family, four Coupe Will be in line with trends in the field. Power section, if all the program has not changed, except 2.4L inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine (estimated output of 240hp / 30.0kgm), 2.4LHybrid (presumably about horsepower 200-210hp) two settings, top IS-F It Will also feature a 5.0L V8 twinTurbo set, 450-470hp horsepower should be set to meet consumer desire for money performance. The transmIssion part, CVT, 10AT Will appear along with the third-generation IS.

But then how long to extend the life nor the NIssan GT-R longevity so, after several on sale since 2007 evolution, still have not seen the original action any major facelift, thus greatly iS facelift compared with the GT-R, it Is trivial. So in love with it IS people may be a little patient, if the global market Is not a huge change, a major facelift Will have to wait at least three years before the launch.