Level classification of the car you know?

classification level Car you know?

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Chao Yi-feng

classification level Car Is so divided: miniature Cars, small Cars, compact Cars, midsize Cars, medium and large Cars, luxury Cars, a small SUV, a compact SUV, mid-sized SUV, medium and large SUV, full-size SUV, MPV, sports Car, pickup, minivan, light passenger, micro Card.

A00 Is also known as mini Cars class Car. Generally, thIs type of vehicle wheelbase 2000mm – 2300mm between, within the body length 4000mm, engine dIsplacement about 1.0l. Minivan small size, low fuel consumption, low cost, more suitable for travel.

it Is also known as small Cars A0-class Car. Usually thIs vehicle wheelbase 2300 – between 2500mm, body length of 4000 – between 4300mm, engine dIsplacement of 1.0 – between 1.5l. Due to market demand, the size of a small Car and engine dIsplacement Is increasing. In addition, based on the extended drive small Car platform, also belong to the small Car category. Although the wheelbase of 2550mm, with a 1.8l engine, but it still belongs to the small Car category.

it Is also known as compact Car A class Car. Generally, thIs type of vehicle wheelbase Is between 2500-2700 mm, a length of the body between 4200-4600 mm, engine dIsplacement Is between 1.6l to 2.0l.

Is also known as Medium B type vehicle vehicle. Generally, such wheelbase 2700 – 2900mm between, the body length of 4500 – between 4900mm, engine dIsplacement of 1.8 – between 2.4l.

Is also referred to in the large Car c-Class. Generally, such wheelbase of about 2800mm – 3000mm, the body length of approximately 4800mm- 5000mm, engine dIsplacement of greater than 2.4l.

d Is also called the luxury class Car. Generally, such wheelbase than 3000mm, 5000mm length exceeds the body, engine dIsplacement than 3.0l. Luxury Cars can be divided into two types. One Is civilian-level luxury Car, which Is the traditional brand’s top models. There Is a kind of luxury model luxury brands, the price Is usually less than 3 million, and the extension Is widespread, very spacious interior space, a lot of Cars are one of the measures required in accordance with customer orders, many configurations can be “expensive “description.

SUV United States means that the sport utility vehicle, Is a comfort and space like a station wagon and some off-road capability model, now generally refers to those based on the production of SUV vehicles platform, to a certain degree of comfort Cars, SUV’s and transfer model. Not only a wide range of off-road vehicles, the huge size and range in price from a few million to several million dollars.

small SUV length generally between 3850-4350mm, wheelbase less than 2670mm. Compared with other levels of the SUV, small SUV in recent years before the rIse of the SUV level, because the SUV proud Before bulky, but in today’s energy-saving and environmental protection, the compact SUV also started the route, saving not only fuel efficient, and more fashion seductive.

compact SUV length typically between 4300-4750mm, wheelbase 2600-2760mm. Positioning compact SUV more in line with the target of choice for the second purchase and consumption, it can be said to be the main sales force SUV market. In general, the compact SUV Is based on the compact Car platform. As the market demand, a number of manufacturers in the compact SUV introduced in the US Will increase its size on the basIs of the original model. For example, compared to the mass transit concept prototype, body size Is increased from 4433mm 4525mm, 2604mm wheelbase increases from 2680mm.

midsize SUV length 4400-4850mm, 2650-2800mm in wheelbase. In general, medium-sized SUV Is a midsize sedan based development platform. For those who have space for a compact SUV are not satIsfied, the space advantage midsize SUV’s to meet their needs, some of them who can provide seven-seat option. length

In large SUV 4750– between 5150mm, wheelbase 2790– between 3050mm. Compared with the mid-sized SUV, medium and large SUV not only provides users with more space, but also provides users with a more luxurious configuration and more power.

full-size SUV Is a large and spacious design of the main demands of the SUV. Other factors, such as economic, cost, or even modeling can be sacrificed. But in fact the Car Is a comprehensive product, so the full-size SUV Is not only dominated the crowd in size, but also in all aspects of performance and configuration have become a model. Large external dimensions of the inner space and the full-size SUV easily accommodate a third row of seats. And today there are different SUV third-row seat, full-size SUV’s third-row seat in the legs and head space can be comparable to the first two rows of seats. Their interior Is luxurious and comfortable, they are driving or riding more comfortable than a luxury Car.

MPV refers to a utility vehicle. From the source point of view, MPV by bus gradually evolved. It combines wagon spacious passenger space, comfort and functionality of the Car in one truck. MPV has a complete, wide passenger space, its internal structure with a lot of flexibility, which Is the most attractive place MPV. 7-8 can be arranged in-vehicle seats, and a certain space for luggage; seat Is flexible, can be fully folded or placed upside down, and some can be moved back and forth, move around, and even rotation.

There are two general design of Car doors, the body Is low, smooth appearance, strong sense of movement. The seat Is designed with two seats or 2 + 2 type. Different from other types of Car, sports Car engine has three forms: before, during and after. Hardtop roof which has the form, hard and soft top open top open top three. There are many sports Cars, with the pursuit of performance; some people just go for looks.

Pickup Car Card, also known as the name suggests, but also sedan also Cards, a Car and the cab of the head, with open Car models. It Is characterized by both a Car comfort, but also has a strong power, and Cargo capacity than Cars and the ability to adapt to harsh road. Pickup can be used as private Cars, and more Cars, commercial vehicles, but also as a family Car for Cargo, tourIsm and leasing. Internationally, the main production pickup in the United States and Japan.

pickup can be divided into American and Japanese. Japanese pickups are mostly evolved from small Cars or minivans, small, fuel-efficient and cheap. On the other hand, the United States Is a luxury pickup, more expensive than Cars, more aggressive appearance, wider body, there Is a large dIsplacement engine with Automatic transmIssion. Of course, these features are closely related with the American way of life.

The United States has a huge network of highways and daunting, bumpy road, with the floor of the chassIs and powerful engine, able to respond to these obstacles. Once the sensor Is mainly Japan Nei Pika, they left the impression that the goods when the coolies, but until today the development of the pickup, has changed, and now the sensor interior, configuration, and power, performance, challenges and SUV’s, in particular, in the United States through various channels to enter the domestic pickups, burly drawing even more stunned.

plane micro, mini-van Is short, Is a small station wagon. Its name comes from its shape, like a loaf of bread. In the United States sales of mini-Cars are essentially commercial vehicles, small engine dIsplacement, mainly economic and practical. Mini-Car can be used as private Cars, and more Cars, commercial vehicles, can be used as a family Car for use freight, tourIsm and leasing.

micro Card Is referred to as micro-truck, a minivan. Which Is based on a micro surface appearance on the vehicle body installation sealed container or hopper. Micro trucks sold in the US, the engine dIsplacement Is not large, the main economic and practical. Micro Card can be used as trucks, special vehicles, commercial vehicles.

Is an acronym for light passenger and light-duty passenger vehicles. Design and technical design of commercial vehicles, passenger capacity and Carry-on luggage, including the driver, including more than nine seats.