Legend of the flying car, Why not take off now?

In 1940, Henry Ford said: “Mark my words, in the future there Will be airplanes and Automobiles combination. “with the flying taxi Is becoming a reality, it seems that hIs views are true, but wait. Eighty years later, “Dude, Where’s my flying Car?” Could become a slang form of promIses unfulfilled.

Human’ve been looking forward to the dream of flight, so once the flying Car concept made possible, we Will urgently It hopes to come true. Early American interstate highway design blueprint, even reserved for the adjacent runway flying Car use. But over the years, flying Car has not been into reality. Now, the concept of flying “Car” seems to be strange or naive, thIs dream from the last century 20’s by decades of science fiction who made the driving, but it has been like a Model T as obsolete. But now, flying Cars may actually occur in our daily lives.

HIstory tells us that it Is difficult to design a multi-purpose vehicle. An aircraft Is the perfect design for a Car Is not perfect, and vice versa. The attempt to combine the two, Peter Stevens Is a BritIsh design consultant calls “an inherent decline of compromIse.” ThIs Is a difficult rIsk to bitter lesson after.

1947 Convair Model 118 Is merely a Car with an airplane wing. It needs to go through two ignition off, the result can be imagined can be very dangerous. It Is such an example, so that now the bus can not become amphibious vehicles, and submarines can not fly.

However, many people want a comfortable, convenient and free private aircraft. HelicopterThe machine does not really appear to achieve thIs, since the 1950s AeroCar, a plane was not allowed on the road.

general perception that the runway Is not possible in most urban environments, so our “Car “we need to be able peaceful, stable and vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). Facts have proved that as SkyCar veteran Paul Moller found, “There Is nothing faster than the transport VTOL Car.”

Currently, in order to achieve VTOL, it requires a certain propeller, but the “Blade Runner” in Dekkard was driving the flying Car does not look like a very large UAV. Similarly, any jets are restricted to the wing. Besides, no one wants to hear a huge aircraft noIse in their next door. Most importantly, the VTOL waste of fuel, because in the absence of new suspension method, we still need to rely on a lot of pushing air down.

Despite technical difficulties aside, at any place in the future of flying Cars, everyone Will need a: even without the 3D version, today’s crowded highways have people feel fear. Perhaps, only the police or other emergency vehicles in order to use thIs flying Car, like “Blade Runner” the same.

so you do not become a pilot, you Will become a passenger, sitting in a the Car with sophIsticated GPS system connected, the Car has amazing Autopilot AI and a new air traffic control concepts.

in order to achieve all these Is difficult, but not impossible.

Uber in itsElevate the study has been conducted negotiations on the technical and security infrastructure. Elevat Is an electric, self, vertical takeoff and landing air taxi fleet, mainly for passenger UAV, plans to launch in Dubai and other cities in 2020. It envIsages the establIshment of “vertiports” (VTOL Airport) in the city center, controlled by enhanced air traffic control. Elevate the ongoing competition with Larry Page as well as the Kitty Hawk air taxi, the United States Ehang, E-Volo’s Volocopter and Airbus of Vahana.

They may soon control traffic may include some of the following, some of them like a Car, not a number so like a Car.

Terrefugia of Transition, a Henry Ford-style “of airplane and Automobile” package. ThIs all companies from Marseille Saxony said it was “a world’s first practical flying Car …… can make Jetsons dream come true.” But it also has some dIsadvantages: Transition looks like an airplane, you need to take off on the runway, so you need to become a pilot. It’s a plane, but it can be folded like wings by metal bats do, and then on the road. And at the same price – about 23 million pounds – you can buy an airplane and a nice Car. Transition Will be launched in 2020.

Pal V-One on the road Is like a reinforced Sinclair C5, but to expand helicopter rotor cumbersome, it takes a long time, but still need a runway to take off. So thIs Is not acceptable.

AeroMobil from Slovakia, it Is a cause for IndiaLike profound flying Car, it has a collapsible wings ultra-light Carbon fiber. But it also requires a runway, so both can be used as a Car, it can also be used as aircraft. If you live in inland areas, then okay; otherwIse, you might as well buy a separate Car and airplane.

Toyota Is developing a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, which Is a computer-controlled flying Car. Now, it seems like some of the hair dryer was nailed to the tray, but maybe Toyota Will show off these looks spectacular things on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Urban Aeronautics from Israel ‘on Fancraft its wingless by a computer-controlled, the use of more closed rotor system Is elegant: “flying Car version of the classic” (maybe more like a flying hovercraft). The Israeli military has the technology to call it AirMule flight tanks. Perhaps in the next decade, we Will see the police on duty in the air.

has two aircraft be topped: TF-X– one kind of an all-electric Terrefugia the AI-controlled VTOL Car, looks more like your head Will fly from the Car, but unfortunately have to wait 10 years; and looks very stylIsh Lilium heartbreaker of Jet- – the first electric VTOL jet aircraft in the world. The aircraft faster than a helicopter, Bihar style jump quieter jet aircraft, and even a bit like a Car.

Finally, I must mention the flying Car Is Paul Moller’s “volantor”, which Is a VTOL aircraft type Automobile, invented in 1965. Fifty years later, it Is still waiting for investment.

put aside the Issue of road travel,Perhaps in order to achieve a flying Car Is just a matter of time. Uber and other companies have shown their interest in thIs area, and related technologies have also been very close.

Despite regulatory hurdles aside, we may soon see the VTOL flying over our city. But if you need to drive Is another question. (Compiled: Wang formoe)

Source: Hunter cloud network