Learn these points, your car Will be more durable than others

Although the Car Is made of steel composition, but they are not afraid of anything, nor Is it It does not appear illnesses. It Is their life and their own status as human beings and we have a situation that can be used to measure the life cycle. By detecting them each cycle we can know the Car Is not yet secure. In general, we can put the Car’s life cycle Is divided into five, just bought a new Car began to experience Is the most run-in period, when Car owners are familiar with each other after the Car also celebrated its peak period, experience the peak period Car Will slowly become mature, and now it has gone through three-fifths of its life reached a period of decline, the next step Is to say goodbye and the owner of a dangerous period. Inside thIs five times, the physical condition of the Car Is not the same, so people have different periods for maintenance and repair of Cars made way Is not the same. If you want your beloved Car every time it can maintain the best condition, we must understand the precautions Cars in different periods of maintenance repairs. Learn thIs recipe, you can make your own Car accompanied by longer, the time may be longer than others in Car use.

The first period Is a state most Automobiles good, almost run-in period of adolescence and us almost, if the Car has a number of quality Issues in general in thIs period can be found. So we usually just need to do some plain ordinary maintenance on it, basically you Will not have any big problems, but we must pay attention to ensure that drivers are not dIstracted when. The second phase Is also called the golden age of the Car, because the market can achieve some of the above mainstream models promIsed three-year one hundred thousand kilometers of quality assurance, repair and protection of special parts of the Car Is three years, so Some big questions are usually found in the Car after three years, in order to allow the Car after three years can still normal operation, it Is necessary we Will some of the daily consumption of Automobile parts replaced once every other period of time. A Car to go through three years of conservation in general to do what Is reflected in several aspects, one Is the normal size of the conservation projects, such as oil changes. Second, full vehicle inspection, focusing on traffic safety check relating to the project, such as headlight wipers to check real-time status or reverse indicator, check the engine and wheels, the most important thing Is to remember that detect brake system. Uses more than three to five years the Car Will officially entered a mature stage almost human prime of life, after thIs period all aspects of the Car Will be smaller than ever before and more and more and more poor a condition to start. General good Car problems may arIse problems of some parts or leaking oil, but the outside still looks no different from before. ThIs time Is necessary to increase the detection of certain aspects, such as the brake system Is the most important thing brakes, the braking effect are generally determined by the quality of brake pads, the time Is generally in front of the brake pads can be used Is 3-50000 km while the back of the brake pad can be 6 to 80,000 km, generally replaced after two brake pads need to replace the brake dIsc. Open the Car for two years or even fifty thousand kilometers after the brake fluid should be a change. Finally, just like humans to experience death as Car also goes through thIs period of decline and people of old age Is very similar, the Car itself, the situation became more and more poor, a lot of problems not from the fundamental improvement on the year to see a doctor Car the more and more money, thIs situation often seen in the Car on top of more than a decade of use. Although it Is now often sick, but we must not whether it must be timely to fix problems large and small, otherwIse it’s situation could be worse, even early termination of life of its own. ThIs time powered vehicles may be insufficient due to the oil pipe was clogged with impurities. The last time, can also be seen as dead before dying, although our country has abolIshed mandatory retirement, but generally the Car in ten to fifteen years after purchase Will no longer be used, because usually by thIs time the Car use flu has much less than before, but also more and more difficult problems repaired, it Is generally the owners would choose to be scrapped.

Although a Car Will be used by up to fifteen years or so, thIs short period of time Is not very long in our lifetime, the Car but it Is its lifetime, so we are in contact with the CarDays we want to do their best to take good Care of it maintain it as long as possible it has been used. Car maintenance like to take Care of loved ones, we have to always concerned about its security status, once found fault with it would immediately go to a doctor, which Is also responsible for our own Car responsible, reduce the appearance of our own Car unnecessary problems caused by a Car accident, causing us unnecessary bodily injury and property damage.