Lamborghini Urus Will participate in cross-country race

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Lamborghini in a few months time to start a new 189.5 mph. Urus SUV for customers, but the brand has been considered uncertain by entering the luxury in a road game.

It also plans to use Bentley Ben Tayi Jia, thIs one of the main competitors in a $ 200,000 SUV models, Is the Car benchmark. Boarded the Pikes Peak International Hill in June thIs year in Colorado, even though it denied that he Will fully comply with the Volkswagen Group stable race. Bentley has just hired two champion Rhys Millen Pikes Peak for that effort.

“Lamborghini welcome challenge, but no matter what we do, are very different from other brands,” CEO Stefano Domenicali said. He was quoted by Car. He said: “We Will choose a form of competition only for these vehicles and we set our Car has many faces you can appreciate its beauty, it Is very fast on the track, very fast on the highway, in the gravel. on very fast. we Will choose the things that combine all of these factors. “

URUS Is 4.0 liters of a twin-turbo V8 driver, generating 641 horsepower and 627 lbs-ft of torque. It matches the eight-speed Automatic transmIssion, driving all four wheels, from 0-62 miles per hour per hour 3.6 seconds. It has a low torque off-road benefits, plus Terra (cross country) and Sabia (sand) driving mode, which increases the air suspension increases ground clearance.

As a comparIson, the present game Will be too Jia Binli Pike’s Peak, with 6.0 l of W12,600 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. SUV 0 seconds to 60 seconds.

Domenicali recently told CNBC thIs $ 200,000 worth of luxury UTE has been a bit currency investors (of course) and welcomed the Russian buyers. India in 2019, the brand expects sales of 5,000 vehicles, the brand may account for more than one-fifth. Lamborghini Is expected before next year, production of Sant’Agata Bologna plant Will double its newly remodeled.

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