Lamborghini Urus SUV: ATV

Lamborghini expansion over the past decade has been very noteworthy. Between 2010 and 2019, customer deliveries increased to 3,815 units from 1,302 units, almost tripled, the brand for the first time in 2019 Is expected to break 4,000 units. Its Bologna factory has doubled in recent years, the size, from 860,000 square foot increased to 1.72 million square feet. Nevertheless, thIs growth did not succeed. The company had continued to expand its product lineup, while ensuring that the supply Will never come close to matching demand.

For example, Huracan has not less than six different devices to provide, from standard to Performante Spyder Coupe while the recently introduced Aventador SVJ updated Sant’Agata aging flagship attraction. However, in order to continue to be successful, manufacturers have had to go beyond its establIshed superCar product, and add the third paragraph Is more practical in its product line, more accessible, more suitable for Rambo to live.


thIs can be achieved in two ways. The first competitor by Ferrari FF Car, previewed in the 2008 Estoque concept Car, the second paragraph Is Porsche’s SUV models mainly to price 4×4 self-driving. Tip Urus concept, unveiled in 2012 at the New York exhibition. While Sharon may be PHier preference, but I think the original design of the Urus Is a pretty amazing design. Part Aventador portion Rally Fighter, and it sports a purpose, but stylIsh and simple.

From the point of view of its way between the selected Estoque and Urus, particularly with regard to the latter attributed to the company received feedback, especially from the Middle East, customers and dIstributors, which makes the Board of DirectorsIt should be persuaded to promote the SUV. produce. So now, five years later, I stand here, facing a row of about 10 brightly colored Lamborghini in the Dubai desert, waiting for them to enter the dunes.

Urus production and how to treat metal? Well, just as it did in the picture, that Is not great. Of course, for Lamborghini, thIs Is a fine line, to provide the necessary brand DNA for the Automotive and Issued a “super SUV” signal, but these eyes, it realizes simultaneous too picky but not particularly cited limelight rare skill. It Is aggressive, but it Is more 22-inch wheels and guide posture, rather than any cohesion of its design. If only they are more realIstic concept of the New York ……


in hIs heart, mixed feelings persIst. The cabin Is undoubtedly beautiful and exquIsite production, but it lacks a sense of pulse and dramatic performance acceleration upcoming models can slide into any other company. Perhaps always the case, with additional ride height and greater vIsibility, but it still looks a little frustrating.

Then you start the engine. 4.0 l twin-turbo V8 engine may not be desirable enthusiasts V10 or 12, but by the familiar roaring fighter switch – as you want as it 650 horsepower and 626 lb.-ft. hardly be considered insufficient. So amazing output also makes it ideal for the dunes, where long and short driving dIstance of the rapid increase in over-stable, slow down, keeping low and do not accelerate or brake too fast. Sounds simple. We walked.


In the team travel, we go beyond our base in Desert Conservation Reserve Dubai, along a dirt road, so it looks like deliberately corrugated. Air suspension and electro-hydraulic damping mass UrusAmount immediately apparent, easily absorbing high frequency vibrations than the Land CruIsers ride from the airport or sent me here, GMC Yukon and better ride – it feels like it once it left the flat asphalt surface, it Is mounted on a jackhammer.

Only a few special cross-country vehicles equipped with a kit that includes modified front and rear bumpers, may the approach and departure angles improving 7.6 and 1.5 degrees, respectively, the front and rear cleat, the improved protective floor, and a driving mode Sabbia and Terra. Lamborghini Is estimated that about 10-15% of Urus customers Will specify their Car in thIs way, although there Is a good scheme actually refers to Autocross, which Is impossible. In any case, those who are independent Sand and Gravel mode selection, not all other decorations – here are other vehicles such settings, but does not seem anything else than the other models more difficult struggle.


ThIs Is really impressive. ThIs Is not the Dakar-esq, but it Is not a walk in the park. Sand Is very fine, like flour at the foot of the same, very fast access to every nook and cranny of exposure Car – leads from the following causes strange grinding noIse caused cringe. However, Urus shrugged again and again set off a steep torque on the golden sand dunes, never at the right time to transfer the power to the right place to get yourself in trouble.

arena machine one by one shore wind ripples fly, engine thunder, powdered cereal rooster tails sprayed in their wake. Brake lights flashing quickly, because they rotate downward from the top of each dune and dIsappears before the other side. Provided along the path between the dunes ample opportunity to be trailing folly; so powerful, it needs to throttle minimum clicks to make things stupid, though when they do, Urus Is payFlow and compliance, which Will only add to the fun.


Although I am lucky not to find themselves in trouble, but also there are a number of other people are not so lucky, though as far as I know, Urus just found together and we want the same land cruIser. It Is certainly in keeping with the day of their status, it demonstrated its off-road credibility and prove himself not just Chelsea tractors as many would think. Urus ST-X concept Car and rally racing series forthcoming should go further.

happened over a wide flat beach, these flat beach on a variety of cone we determined we were invited to various stations in a variety of ways to test the limits of the Car. A figure eight, drag strip, dune surfing and donuts. In Sabbia mode, the Urus equipped with a holding until further informed, and very pleased to rebound from the rev limiter, since it Is performed once, endless, circular sliding engine howling like on the windshield and sand Like shaking water. Even all-season tires Scorpion suitable for our use in the dunes, my Car never mIssed a beat, providing a full afternoon of entertainment cross-country flight. What can you want?


If Lamborghini Is about drama, extreme performance, the most important thing Is fun, then the Urus can achieve its key performance indicators, while expanding the coverage of the brand, Is ideally margins. If it means more money to develop future Performantes and then SVJ better, but Urus Is not just a necessary evil, but promIsed there Will be better things to happen. It may not seem like the best, it might not be a Lamborghini, because we already know it, but Urus has opened up a whole new way to enjoy all represented by Lamborghini, while seated comfortably Carry four adults and their luggage . forThIs, in itself a cause for celebration.


Specifications – LAMBORGHINI URUS

Engine: 3,996 cc V8, gasoline turbo bIs

power (hp): 650 @ 6,000 rpm for

torque (lb): 626 @ 2,250- 4,000rpm

0-62mph: 3.6 sec.

maximum speed: 190mph

weight: 2,197kg

MPG: 23

Carbon dioxide: 279 g / km

price: 164,950 £