Known as the world’s most beautiful car interiors, your favorite Which?

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ThIs 10 Car’s interior in the United States last year, Ward won the Top Ten Awards interiors, the judges according to interior design, materials, ergonomics, comfort and the fit, etc. comprehensive evaluation.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic Is the lIst of winners in the price of the cheapest model, but the judges praIsing its no way inferior to other expensive models. Thanks to the left and right through the metal trim strip and mixed colors on a seat, Car interior design Is very aesthetic. Meanwhile, the optional 10-speaker premium sound system has also been well received.

NIssan Cima

NIssan Cima Although the appearance Is not ye, but its interior Is Ward’s judges evaluated as “expert-level process to bring outstanding first impression “and” a lot of wonderful touch “- which comes from the interior in Alcantara material and diamond-like facets trim.

Audi TTS

with the Audi TTS full LCD instrument panel (Audi infotainment system) it impressed the judges, saying that the system Is powerful, easy to use high . At the same time, dIstributed in various air-conditioning control panel air conditioning vents at the very sense of design and functionality.

Cadillac XT5

Cadillac in the use of creating a sense of luxury and high-grade materials to get a high score. The judges were full of praIse for panoramic images rearview mirror high-grade wood, semi-aniline leather and innovation. At the same time, the new CUE information system also judges evaluated as “perfect.”

snow Chevrolet Camaro

snow Chevrolet Camaro extensive use of soft material in the interior, has an excellent function front heating / ventilation seats and atmosphere light. The judges said the Car “sets a new standard for thIs trim level models” and appropriate “comfortable long-dIstance cruIsing.”

Chrysler Pacifica

The new Pacifica MPV has a cleverly designed storage space and high-quality materials. At the same time the judges surprIsed at the third row of the vehicle with excellent ride comfortAnd can be formed flat floor APPLICABILITY rear seat Is folded.

Lexus RX

Lexus RX since the launch 20 years ago, thIs market segment has been the benchmark model, its outstanding interior has been playing an important role . Evaluation RX judges that the continuation of “perfect fit feeling of” good and the seat comfort. At the same time, it Is a huge boot of space impressed the judges.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Ward’s judges in recent years Mercedes-Benz has always been popular with Canada’s interior, from the S-Class has been the C-Class have been incorporated into more than ten good lIst. GLC also did not mIss class, the judges marveled at its excellent technology configuration, wide front seats and a relatively affordable price.

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 With its unique design style has attracted the judges. Extensive use of walnut tWill, Oreffors crystal lever and lift the top of the center console can make the B & W Speakers interiors inspired countless appreciated.

7 Series

7 Series gesture control system Is mounted with a multifunction dIsplay and Car key highlight Is the biggest. The judges said the BMW 7 Series has “enough for geeks playing a half-day of a variety of electronic tricks.”

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