Know better your smart car Weimaraner EX5-Z to travel a good helper

an American blockbuster “Iron Man,” so many people are eager to have intelligent features such Jarvis. Listen to music, drink coffee, air conditioning …… want, all hands-free, as long as all this voice will be able to control. Movies comes from life, superior all-around performance intelligent butler Jarvis is now growing into our lives through various carriers. Among them, the car has become one of the best carrier to achieve. Recently, smart car Weimaraner EX5-Z on a new let us see the shadow of Jarvis, called the most understand your smart car, after all, one good choice for travel. After

as a repairer of the new forces of the star car prices, Weimaraner launch the first production car EX5, to break the industry pattern become the same level of the best-selling new energy pure electric vehicles. Today, Weimaraner and quickly launched its new generation models EX5-Z, it hwan new upgrade EX5 basis, the owners know better become a zero-touch intelligent interactive product. Here we take a look at how Weimaraner EX5-Z did it.

spell color value to your dynamic intelligent design

to see the face of age, color value is very important. As the new forces of representative products, Goodway EX5 has already been market proven successful design, the new model EX5-Z were more refined upgrade. Dual Z through the front face, with a layering of lines, dynamic. Air intake beneath the front bumper spoiler made flat design, reduce air resistance.

distance one LED headlamps, spoiler perspective line configuration, processing details of the door design and rub strips highlighted in black paint and Wide piano, very texture. Integrated throughout the taillights and front echo, very recognizable.

came to the car, EX5-Z design is very intelligent personality. China’s first Weshow dashboard, vehicle electronic instruments can personalize defined, flexible OTA replace function. Owners can put this function as instruments of various types of food with different themes, landscapes and other official instruments available in store theme, fully meet the personal preferences of the car digital space, very consistent with the needs of today’s young consumers personality.

a large space plus large screen provides intelligent and comfortable enjoyment

people buy a car, a large space to become rigid requirements to consider. Weimaraner EX5-Z length / width / height are 4585/1835 / 1672mm, and a peer leading2703mm wheelbase dimensions, providing the same level to ensure that the maximum cabin space, with abundant storage space user-friendly design, good to meet the storage needs of owners.

work selected materials, multi-purpose use of the seat Nappa leather seats, 6 + 2-way power with seat memory, coupled with large size roof panoramic electric sunroof, transparent field of view, take experience very comfortable.

Not only this, the first Weimaraner suspension of 12.8 inches smart rotating screen, and 12.3 inches interactive LCD screen, provides a vector for intelligent speech. Both the control panel may be integrated by a plurality of central functions common shortcut i-Control, integrally formed three screen intelligent interactive experiences.

Here the auxiliary driving, automatic parking, driving mode switching, fault alarm, navigation, tachograph functions, and entertainment-related music, wide radio, micro-letters, telephone, voice, etc., and may customer preferences to customize the layout of the operation, truly meet the needs of a variety of information technology owners.

while the vehicle is also equipped with a face recognition system, which a user can log onto their account. In addition Weimaraner EX5-Z and also Mi (millet) Household Internet opened up, such as will be able to open the car air purifier or air conditioning in the car, in order to carry out the integration of intelligent and convenient car home Internet. These are so we can achieve intelligent functions like Jarvis version of the car, making the process safe and comfortable car.

you want to guarantee a full range of security

are focused on car safety. Weimaraner full range of safeguards on security, so that owners can feel at ease. Weimaraner EX5-Z mechanism body energy conducting unique tower design, using a large number of high-strength steel body (representing 75.2% of the vehicle weight) or more and 1200MPa ultra high strength steel (18.1% by weight of the vehicle body), erected impregnable fortress, effective protection for the occupants safety car passenger safety.

This is the Weimaraner confident as a new force on behalf of the repairer’s first participation in C-NCAP crash test, and by virtue of its EX5 occupant protection, pedestrian protection full advantage of and active safety, won the five-star safety certification, led by new forces Anquan Zhi-made benchmark.

on the safety of the battery, the battery compartment car uses innovative structural matrix, the original double-side wrapping thresholdDesign, when a side collision, the side sill around the double body design to ensure sufficient strength to withstand a side impact force to ensure the safety of the battery. The four heavy security protection of the battery module, using a closed cage-style carrier with IP68 waterproof and dustproof grade level, so that the battery to ensure ventilation, cooling, insulation at the same time to protect the battery when the collision safety.

and in the epidemic, everyone is very concerned about the air quality inside the vehicle. Weimaraner EX5-Z is equipped with a “CleanPro first class health”, including the Clean Space vehicle air purification system, CN95 micron air-filtration system, original car rules UVC induction class cabin net function (UV disinfection), such as multiple security to protect the owner Breathe freely.

as an intelligent information network security within the Network of the car, the car machine should not be ignored. Weimaraner with top international Tencent Cohen laboratory safety and security expert advice centers is a strategic partnership. Nine security field Tencent Cohen laboratory safety, security systems linked to intelligent network systems EX5-Z equipped with a network communication security, rights management security, cryptography and other security applications for joint cooperation and development, especially for the most commonly used remote user Bluetooth function and control keys specially optimized and enhanced to ensure safe and smooth user experience.

Editor something to say: Of course, Weimaraner EX5-Z highlights very much, we must not only to what has been said to them. There are intelligent battery management and control, scientific output more reasonable long life and other advantages, are very attractive. And its flagship “zero-touch” intelligent interactive experience is full of highlights, just like a car in Jarvis style.

while driving, AI Serena Butler obey the voice user voice commands to complete the car features intelligent operation, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving; before going home, or by voice Mi car home service using the Internet function, household appliances achieve intelligent remote control. Home after parking into place, APA automatic parking parking trajectory can be calculated and automatically docking / mooring out of parking spaces, such as these, are to achieve intelligent control. Thus, it can be said as a new energy intelligent electric vehicles, Weimaraner EX5-Z has become a really smart owners who know better to travel a good helper.