Ke Angke not exposed interior flag, 2 + 3 + 2 + layout Dress lever electronic power seat, next week lIsting

The past two years, seven SUV was widely welcomed by the family wanted a second child, after all, home practical large Car space Is too convenient. Buick smell a business opportunity, a new heavy launch a seven SUV models to improve its matrix, the Car Is not Ke Angke flag. Current News about the Car I believe we already know 7788, but the Car has little knowledge of the situation. Yesterday, New York GM Buick official broke the News of the circumstances do not Ke Angke flag inside the Car, the Car uses the Buick family of embracing integrated cockpit modeling, the overall style preference for simple atmosphere. It Is understood that do not Ke Angke flag coming in the next week (October 24), its position Ang Kewei higher than another Car in the family, be sure it Is the biggest competitor Highlander SUV has dominated the field of seven .

The official broke the News that Is not the main flag of the interior Ke Angke, into the Car, found that the use of the 2 + 3 + 2 layout, we you can feel a deep sense of the US Department of Fan children – Car interior with dark brown color with, looks very suitable for home, very warm. Encircling the entire interior with integrated cockpit, a center console with piano paint interior layout, and further rely on some chrome embellIshment, another three-dimensional look both levels. Do not flag Ke Angke most selling point Is that the new Car for the first time joined the push-button electronic shift lever, space instant driving position and the right hand side Is a little.

to the driving position, a Car equipped with three multifunction steering wheel, the seat Is a multi-function – say, for example, electrically adjustable, heated seats, seat memory function, very on the grade. In addition, do not Ke Angke flag also devoted to some models offer a third row of the second row of the most vulnerable electric folding function Is not very high?

Let us recall that appearance, do not Ke Angke flag uses a classic Buick design language, the whole body are based on US Department of Cars in line with the tough style lines outline, looks very hardcore. The front part of the Car using a polygonal grille shape, with a thick chrome trim, looks very atmospheric. Front sides matched a classic boomerang shape of the LED headlamps, illuminated at night very heads. Front grille, there are two other Ke Angke flag style canChoose a dot matrix Is ​​in the network, one Is running through the network, it Is very user-friendly.

side of the body, and the Car substantially its “big brother” Ang Kewei somewhat similar lines are very sharp, on the basIs of the elongated body and it Is very solid, which Is consIstent with the US Department of the Car’s design style! Dimensions, length and breadth respectively Keang Ke flag 4981/1953/1732 / mm, a wheelbase of 2863mm. The rear part, we can see the details Buick ability to control the Car, the overall shape and style of vehicle parking echoed, in particular aspects of using LED lights headlamps link threading the chrome trim sides, and also uses a bilateral dual exhaust layout, looks very dynamic, I believe change Is the upgrade in order to attract young consumers to make!

power, do not Carry a flag Keang Ke 2.0T turbocharged engine, fuel consumption Is only 8.1 It Is understood that, as a 7 in terms of SUV and it Is very suitable for the home.

Summary: Do Ke Angke flag appears not only to improve the Buick’s model matrix, and Is bound to give 7 SUV market brings powerful impact, after all, the Car, whether exterior or interior back are competitive enough, the final decIsion may be the price and sales volume of terminal benefits of it!