KARMA Motors launched the four-wheel drive pickup adapter extended-E-FLEX platform

extended-range four-wheel drive E-Flex platform application support pickups, the last kilometer multi-purpose delivery vehicles and other vehicles

Karma most new program E-Flex platform designed to achieve up to 240 miles of pure electric mileage, total mileage up to 495 miles

Karma platform technology to help partners more quickly in the retail, commercial vehicles and other mobile travel aspects, efficient access to markets

Karma alerts, California Irvine (2020 May 14) Karma car has released the latest in a flexible module of the E-Flex platform, the platform is equipped with two motors, four-wheel drive and extended-range electric vehicle architecture. This new platform is also the final of a series of five Karma E-Flex chassis technology, full of Karma extended-range electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles and chassis technology capabilities.

Karma latest electric flexible platform for a variety of electric vehicles, travel solutions, can be used for pickup, SUV, last kilometer multi-function distribution solutions. Karma extended-range four-wheel drive, respectively, E-Flex platform provides a single electronic drive unit around a motor, by enhancing acceleration performance and driving control, driving four-wheel drive to provide greater security. The platform is equipped with a new type of Karma carbide (SiC) power inverter drive system, and with a flat battery 80 kWh. Its goal is to achieve up to 240 miles of pure electric mileage, combined with the increase in the mileage program mode, a combination of different vehicle configurations and business applications, integrated platform mileage up to 495 miles.

own technology, the ability to manufacture and design services of Karma E-Flex platform combines Karma, for the automotive industry to provide innovative solutions for electric travel. By Karma E-Flex platform, automotive manufacturers can optimize their development costs in engineering, testing, certification, and even architectural design, in order to achieve their own products in the pure electric and extended-range electric car two categories of development and upgrading.

Karma car chief operating officer Kevin Pavlov said: “We come to this platform and how to maximize it to help automotive manufacturers improve speed to market electric cars are very excited about our extended-range four-wheel drive platform has all E-. Flex platform everlasting endurance and adaptation range of the most widely deployed architectures can achieve a high level of efficiency and configurability to meet various market needs. for example, in a scenario pickup, the platform’s extended range technology can help drivers conquer greater driving slope, and enjoy a higher driving performance and better driving experience, which has helped pickups have a higher amount of traction and load. “

Karma of E -Flex platform series chassis innovative and customized by Karma Center (KICC) development, the center is located in California, Moreno Valley Karma-the-art assembly plant. All E-Flex platform Karma proven technologies are used, including a variety of configuration parameters Revero GT drive motor, transmission, suspension, chassis, steering systems, as well as structural components required for the production of the vehicle body. Most parts has completed more than one million miles of testing and market validation, Karma skilled workers will ensure that each one can have the support of the chassis components and technology.

extended-range four-wheel drive E-Flex platform last term research to show results Karma E-Flex platform series development projects. Karma other E-Flex cars recently released the results of the project also includes the company’s iconic extended-range electric vehicle chassis, equipped with autopilot technology SAEL4 level of pure electric truck chassis, high-performance pure electric supercar chassis for commercial vehicle applications extended-E-Flex chassis and economical electric E-Flex chassis. In addition, Karma also shows a new silicon carbide (SiC) inverter assembly.

About Karma

Karma is located in Southern California is not just a car company. Although the Karma as a manufacturer of luxury electric car is known, but over time, Karma has become a high-tech incubator, provide a flexible platform for innovators to validate emerging technologies. Founded in Karma2014, by opening up its engineering, design, customization and manufacturing resources to provide strong technical support for the partners hope to accelerate product development, in order to reshape the traditional automotive business model based on retail business. Revero GT, is powered by a dual-motor electric luxury car, he was awarded the magazine’s Green Car of the Year 2020 award luxury green electric vehicles. This no doubt reflects the perseverance Karma provides leading automotive design, technology, customization and superior customer experience. Karma retail partners in North America is selling Revero GT to customers, and will begin providing performance version Revero GTS the second half of 2020. Each Revero Karma is in the center of innovation and customized Moreno Valley, California to build out a world-class arts and crafts. (Published: Anna, David)