Jilin occasional Ford Mustang, the first officer to see the woman off to do an action, the person next to see fascinated!

As we all know, many people believe the Ford Mustang, the luxury brand familiarity. Its muscle Car ranked dominance, with its output of violence and beautiful appearance, by the market of consumers, not only boys love girls also fond of.

Here, occasional “cool red” Ford Mustang, thIs Will not be too concerned about, but seeing Fujia get off to do an action, next to the street late at night people Will look fascinated!

It Is understood that Taiwan Is 18 Standard Edition Ford Mustang models, the domestic price of around 450,000, plus purchase tax 500 000 Insurance down the road, Carrying 2.3T L4 a turbocharged engine, the matching block 10 of the manual gearbox, 309 hp, 434 Nm maximum torque, the maximum speed at 234km / h, the MinIstry hundred kilometers 8.6L.

such a bright color, high prices do not appear in a red Mustang Siping streets that would not be too concerned about, see Fujia woman to get off when the person next to no mind to see the Car, dressed very clear suction, Cuihua lower body skirts, bras upper body low, graceful figure, hands still continue to press the skirt should be afraid of being seen. User: seductive Car or little sIster!

Faced with thIs scene, users can not help but address him: “Although thIs Car look tough, but there are female friends love to sit.” There are friends, he said: ” owners estimate so that men are jealous of it. “

down the face of such a woman from the Ford Mustang Car, can only say that thIs Ford Mustang Although the appearance of sports Cars tough guy, but there are some women in the country are very fond of thIs type of “man” sports Car. In thIs regard, we feel about it? Photos from the network, where there Is infringement, please contact delete pictures.