Japanese re Grand Slam Lexus led the 2020 US car reliability rankings

Japanese Car crackers and unsafe. But in 2020 U.S. Insurance Institute crash safety results of the latest Issue of playing numerous keyboard Rider’s face. If you do not believe, take a look at the United States, “Consumer Reports” 2020 US Auto reliability rankings it.

“Consumer Reports” Is a recognized authority report has high reference value. The annual Car reliability report Is based on data of 420,000 Cars come in the latest survey in detail the different cases from 2000 to 2020 models, the models also include part of the 2020 models. LIst of the top three today we look at. Although the results only for the US market, but for a large number of domestic users of the inherent bias of Japanese Cars still have some reference value.

First: Lexus

The most reliable brand models: IS

I never begrudge love of Lexus products, the word “fly.” Even for a variety of manufacturers shame increase Is very objectionable. Eat until the ticket price. Also recommended tears, perhaps Is the power of the product of force. Also thIs year, Lexus also invited the author’s favorite “Qian children Grandpa,” a spokesperson. Really put people to eat badly.

as a sports sedan, IS modeling tough and aggressive. Sharp headlights with family spindle-shaped grille, the performance of the Car hobby Car looked absolutely no resIstance. Muscular sense of the full front face with Smart waIst, split-level three-wire and three-dimensional taillight design, inadvertently, to follow along the way to capture the attention.

In power systems, Lexus IS turbocharged 2.0T inline 4-cylinder engine, comprIsing an engine start-stop system, the maximum output power of 180KW, the maximum torque to 350Nm, 8-speed transmIssion system matching sports gearbox. Lexus IS hundred kilometers acceleration time of only 7 seconds, 100 km combined fuel consumption of 7.3 liters, Is not only strong power output, better fuel economy, overall performance Is quite satIsfactory. Sport models also comes with active noIse simulation system, came bursts of powerfulThe noIse make driving more passionate.

Summary: Lexus sales in U.S. in 2020 topped 200,000, reaching 200,521 units, an increase of 24.9%. I do not quite understand Why the increase day by day swore unscrupulous manufacturers, while another Is a large number of consumers pocket. US Car buyers really Is the world’s most difficult pondering consumer groups.

Second: Mazda

The most reliable brand models: MX5

the front face of thIs generation MX5 on the design element Is that generations of models in the most vicious, it looks a bit Meng previous generations, quite suitable for girls opened very cute, look at thIs generation it Is also more suitable fierce little boy, but because of hIs narrow front, the entire Car Is relatively small, so when looking away from the milk and milk sound gas there Is a feeling, not the kind that really domineering kind of vicious, there Is a whole front bumper styling Is usually smiling mouth of thIs, headlight lines than previous generations of looks sharp.

which Is equipped with a naturally aspirated Chong Chi blue 2.0L engine, the maximum power of 158 horsepower and peak torque of 200N ยท m, the match Is 6AT manual gearbox, for thIs power system we are familiar, and certainly not in terms of the data Is the color, but do not forget, but thought its “petite” body, thIs 2.0 machine to power it brings feeling not too bad.

Summary: Mazda performance in the country can only be described as tepid, dIspersed after six horse divinity. Although there are CX-4, Angkesaila launch such good works, but it seems to speed new product introductions and the mainstream Japanese manufacturers are not in a band. But Mazda’s technical style Is indeed “opened not forget.” The author Is its evaluation, others repairer in order to make money, make money for Mazda to build Cars.

Third: Toyota

The most reliable brand models: Corolla hatchback version

how about if someone asked the author of thIs Toyota Corolla Car? Appearance Is not the answer, not manipulation, not fuel economy, but: 52 years, 11 generation models, sold in more than 150 countries, 3.5 million American owners choice, global cumulative sales of 47 million … If I have to pick Corolla Something Is wrong, it can only bite the bullet shape of the back pan. Traditional sedan shape for a long time Will inevitably make people tired. But the selection of people on the future Corolla hatchback version of the Corolla with domestic expectations.

Corolla hatchback grille and the wide use of new LED daytime running lights and taillights LED rearward dIstinctive style LED headlamps front portion leading the fashion. Compared to standard dark gray finIsh on the base model, even with the mid-range vehicle front fog lamps and LED front grille surround chrome. Toyota Is the rear Carlo Larry sexiest most beautiful rear, the entire three-dimensional rear Is very strong, are some very convex shape, so it looks to be very dynamic throughout the Car.

In power, provided Corolla hatchback 1.2T, 1.8L and 2.0L hybrid hybrid were three kinds of power, wherein the maximum engine 1.2T power of 116 horsepower; 1.8L hybrid system maximum power 122 horsepower; 2.0L hybrid version of the vehicle equipped with the hybrid system Is a series of dynamic Force 2.0L naturally aspirated engine + motor combination which maximum power of 180 horsepower integrated . Hybrid version of the model should be a potential target for a lot of faithful Car, right?

Summary: For domestic consumers before acceptance hatchback has been significantly improved compared to, in view of the huge domestic Corolla owners group endorsement. Hatchback fate should not be too bad.