It was dubbed the “classic cars”, equipped with 1.5L fuel consumption 6.5L, Why no one applauded

a moment of hIstory, upgrading the speed of the Car quickly, the new Car’s launch, facelift used Cars are like ecosystems, endless. A lot of time, saw a Car on the street, we did not recognize, the online search also for a long time finding out, a lot of times we Will find the Car turned out to be old, how how, such a phenomenon very common, a lot of Cars after facelift, very different appearance, but there seems to be a forgotten era, as it Is a long ou still X70A, was dubbed the “classic Cars”, equipped with 1.5L fuel consumption of 6.5 L, Why no one applauded.

Long ou still X70A Car body dimensions of length * width * height 4620mm * 1770mm * 1820mm 2750mm vehicle wheelbase , dimensions of the Car has been behind a lot of other people, and now Automotive marketplace, people are relatively large space to get the Car of preference, but the size of the Car in its class can be said to be very small , even if it Is small compared to the SUV and no where to go strong.

dimensions No Car no problem, nor how thIs Car looks nice, vehicle replacement rate Is now fast, although we are constantly updating their own appearance, but the general direction Is still there, and that Is more young and trendy, dynamic.

but thIs Car Is more powerful, the overall boxy Car, looking like a cuboid as two put together, very stiff.

The interior Car Is actually quite good, in control of large screen Is very eye-catching, air-conditioning outlet port design Is very avant-garde, but the Car was ignore an important Issue and that Is to experience problems, the Car’s interior materials in general, poor texture point of view. Finally a trim and some bonus items so no, thIs Car Is a sad case.