It took eight kinds of car accessories, it Is simply to take life a joke

many owners would like to buy some jewelry, to dress up their Car, some to express individuality, some to create a warm atmosphere, some to improve driving comfort. Vatican to remind you that do not know if the Car security configuration intention or ignore the environmental characterIstics of the Car, blind purchase, it Will unwittingly exposing themselves to a very dangerous situation, even life-threatening.

The following 8 kinds of Car accessories, life Is very common, but if placed in the Car, Is the invIsible killer, Will not only be dangerous vehicles, but also in emergency situations, secondary damage to the driver if the Car you also Yes, and quickly dIspose of it.

1: various ornaments, pendant

many owners Will put the Car dressed as a second home, such as placing Lucky cat ornaments, security and peace pendant lovely Meng pet ornaments. Looks warm, but in reality Is not safe.

are generally hung on the pendant mirror, to impede the driver’s line of sight, but usually these are not fixed pendant strong, once the brakes off easilyAnd hit people in the Car, rolled down to if the accelerator or brake pedal, the accident Will lead to irreparable repentant.

If you like to put liquid perfume in the Car, it Is more dangerous. Heating the glass body at converging sun exposure, wherein the alcohol content of an explosion, even induce spontaneous combustion Car! There are similar reading glasses, lighters, batteries and other items, there are also induced the Car ignition rIsk.

2: Car Care Po

Car Care treasure the exIstence and the birth Is to allow motorIsts can see the phone while driving, the starting point Is very dangerous. Requires the driver to high concentration of attention while driving, in order to respond to unexpected situations, the line of sight on the phone even a second, the equivalent of tens of meters to open the blind, many accidents are seeking only to see the phone does not look at the road cause, so the process of driving Is best not to look at the phone, safety first.

3: seat cover

Today models are arranged side safety seat airbags, and vehicle owners in order to make the seat more breathable, beautiful or change the ride comfort, Will chair the placement of seat covers, but thIs way, the airbag was shackled.

at the time of danger, the balloon can not be timely successfully ejected, Will lead the driver to suffer avoidable harm, so if you still feel the need to use seat covers, it Some seats are not bound to select the side of the “vest.”

4: seat belt buckle

owners should know that comes with the vehicle seat belt warning function to alert you on line seat belt. But some owners Will’m rather bored, you Will buy the seat belt buckle to avoid the tone of “harassment.”

However, Car manufacturers do everything possible to install the Car seat belt warning function, it Is for everyone responsible for the safety of the protective effect of the critical moment, the seat belt played far higher than airbags, therefore, we should resolutely resIst the use of security catch while driving seatbelts there are similar seatbelt stopper, it can grip Automatic tightening of the belt to prevent it, so that the belt between the driver and leaving a large space, so that the ticket can either escape the police, so that also the belt useless,Or brake suddenly when a vehicle collIsion, the safety of the driver to lose protection.

5: dark window film

dark window film sun insulation, but also protect privacy, and therefore particularly popular with owners friends sought after, but driving safety point of view, but also very easy to cause traffic accidents.

behind the vehicle side windows dark film may affect the driver’s vIsibility, especially at night, the dark integration window membrane and night, if no open vehicle rear headlights , the driver Is difficult to see through the dark-colored Car in the rearview mirror film. So try to choose a large factory produced, the lighter the window film.

6: vIsor CD holder

some Car faithful want to hear music, Will prepare the CD in the Car frame, if the vehicle Is traveling during sudden braking, on CD with CD rack Will be enormous inertia force underFlying, flying sharp edges. Unfortunately, important parts of the human body Is scratched, it Will lead to casualties occurred.

7: optional footbed

I wonder if you have tried the brakes jammed floor mats pain, anyway, I’ve been through! It crashes! ! ! So if the election Is really the best choice for factory floor mats custom floor mats, because the original floor mats of mats, such as withholding the entire cockpit design related to the position of highly fit, Will give the clutch, brake set aside large tracts of open space.

8: steering wheel cover

of the steering wheel, the surface of the cortex feels cold winter, some of the steering wheel the driver can put hairy sets, wheel which Is relatively thick and relatively smooth surface, once the emergency situation occurs, the driver Will be easier removal of the steering wheel sweaty palmshand.

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