It should not be buried in the “fuel-efficient king”, stick with imported engines, almost zero defect, but no one rationale

should not be buried in the “fuel-efficient king”, stick with imported engines, almost zero defect, but no one reason

Among the many domestic Automobile market, Hunde can be said to be the best German Cars and Japanese Cars, their vehicles with excellent strength so that they won the recognition of domestic riders, owners Ashkenazi plays the mechanical advantage, the Japanese Car hit the vehicle itself fuel economy, and therefore the acquIsition of practical performance and fuel economy of the vehicle riders, Japanese Cars are generally the primary consideration, and therefore the country’s best-selling Japanese Car comes as Toyota, Honda, and the Japanese three brands, whether in sales aspect or aspects of word of mouth, are subject to most consumers.

Of course, in addition to the three major Car companies, Suzuki ThIs Japanese Car prices repairer quality Is quite good, not in terms of quality inferior to Toyota, Honda and NIssan. But the influence in the reputation aspect of the vehicle Is greatly inferior to the former, and such Is a typical example of Suzuki’s Vitara, either do not lose those same level models from the Japanese in the price or terms of quality, but in terms of sales they are far behind them. It should not be buried in the “fuel-efficient king”, stick with imported engines, almost zero defects, no one reason.

In my opinion Vitra looks pretty good, the front face Is slender trapezoid grille, thick chrome to create in the network on both sides by a combination of an internal light source LED, which give an overall grade of the front face of a lot of rich texture, body type, and binding tough large roof hatch, it Is to create three-dimensional texture obtained extremely extraordinary, rear part of the simple style won the recognition of domestic riders, the application of orange taillight light source to make it very vIsual recognizable, you can get into the process of moving a very high retention rates.

by the vehicle 4175 * 1775 * 1610mmh axial dIstance and reach 2500mm size data, we can see the data from its internal space vehicles yet Is so comfortable, but still able to enjoy a very good driving experience, a large area of ​​soft material on its cover and wrapped in details inlaid with chrome strips, make itThe texture of the interior was to create a very good portfolio match in the control dIsplay and LCD instrument panel, it Is extremely rich internal quality science and technology, parking radar and holographic imaging applications and so on mainstream configuration, so that practical performance of a good part of it at thIs point I think it Is doing well.

loaded with 1.6L 1.4T both kinetic and kinetic aspects of the engine, respectively, match with the two gears 5 and 6 speed aT version of the gearbox combination blessing, let 1.6L version to the outbreak of the kinetic energy of the performance of 122PS, though mediocre in terms of momentum, but it Is still very good in terms of fuel, oil within 100KM of consumption in 5.4L, thIs oil consumption for vehicles, SUV, or Is quite rare exIstence, it Is a “fuel-efficient king” among SUV vehicles are also not an exaggeration.

In my opinion Vitra pretty good strength in all aspects have a remarkable performance, just because Car prices itself influence as before, only to let it fall in such an awkward situation.