Interior space Is not enough how to do? Smart people Will use thIs recipe, larger SUV cars seconds

Now more and more people buy a Car, no matter what ordinary people to buy a Car or the rich Will give their lives to bring good convenience. After buying the Car owners prefer to purchase their Car a lot of Car Care products, Car make their lives more comfortable and safe. Some Will put a lot of everyday items Is also on the Car, so that the Car things are special, at thIs time the owners Will feel the interior space Is not enough, friends and relatives sitting in the Car felt nothing a place to sit, Is that you do not take your Car owned by the whole thing, such a situation would cause. Owners just need to take advantage of some space inside the Car, you can instantly make your Car become a bridge suv.

First, the outlet

ThIs position Is a lot of Car owners are less likely to pay attention to a location, the location for the owners Is a good location , it can be utilized, put a nice Car products, both to meet the needs of your Car put the goods, but also saves space. I think to put a vent or a phone holder outlet perfume Is very appropriate.

Second, a local Car front seat back

ThIs position Is a lot of Car owners less likely to pay attention, thIs place Is a very practical use of them. Many owners are a lot like the sorts of things on the Car, make the Car look a lot of things, very messy. In front of the Car to put a Car seat back storage bag can be a lot of things owners directly on the inside, make the Car look more clean, empty space Car Will look bigger.

Third, the Car seat gap position

ThIs position Is a position really super people would not think of, certainly a lot of owners want to be able to put thIs position something, I feel useless. In actual fact, you can put a Car slot storage box, allowing owners are the most commonly used driver’s license, keys, some of the invoices, avoid the owner when needed but also has been looking for, really useful.

Now Xiaobian to introduce several easy to use Car Care products, Car owners driving for help, oh, but also let some interior space seem much larger.

owners can put the location of the outlet of a Car phone holder in the Car, which would allow Car owners inWhen you play the phone becomes more secure. Outlet design Is very convenient for the Car to save space. The shape Is more compact intelligent simplicity, only the size of the bottle cap. A plug can be used.

outlet location owners can also put the Car outlet perfume, many owners liked to smoke in the Car, so the Car Will have a lot of smell, the body of the vehicle owners not very good. There Is a Car perfume can eliminate the Car smell good, so that owners driving in a healthy environment.

U dIsk onboard music I feel very super practical, long road owners, Will certainly feel very tired want to sleep. Then you need a pick-me-something refreshing, music U dIsk came in handy, it contains more than 1,200 songs as well as a number of small video, Car owners can lIsten to songs in the Car to relieve tired when 100 pressure, It can also stop to look at the video to refreshing.

owners at the time of driving rain and fog weather, there Is a big security rIsk, because the owners of the line of sight Will be hindered. You need a Car solar anti chasing tail lights, 14 LED lamp Is lit at the same time, can give you a behind the vehicle to warn, make you more safe driving.

a good place for the Car front row seat back Is a rare, put a Car seat back Zhiwu Dai There may well return some of the items inside the vehicle, so that the Car looks more clean and tidy, which would make the Car look much larger space, the owners make a great face.

a big security rIsk Car suddenly no gas Is very troublesome, if still continue to travel there while driving. You need a Car air pump can be inflated in a timely manner when no gas your Car, because the tire pressure to reduce accidents caused by the problem.