In winter bucked the trend, the breakdown of the Volkswagen Group (USA) in the hands of three trump card

“Automobile winter” Is the recent high-frequency words Automobile circle, the words succinctly summarizes the current tough Automotive market environment. In my opinion, the “winter Auto market,” another word for “Ebb Tide” in the market panning, powerful race Car prices, the weak competitiveness of enterprIses or out of the Car, or walk out of the edges; moderate competitiveness Car prices still have room for upward quest, in order to break through the impasse; and strongly competitive Car companies, have enough strength and regain the initiative in a change in the situation, to maintain the rIsing trend contrarian.

as an early entry into the US Auto market, Volkswagen Group, it Is just the right time with the incoming master development opportunities, and laid a foundation users with excellent quality, with good products force to consolidate the market position, there Is no doubt that it belongs to the strong competitive Car prices.

also proved that, even at thIs stage difficult Auto market, but Volkswagen Group (USA) Is still able to exceed the overall market level, maintain a good market performance. As of the end of November thIs year, the Volkswagen Group (USA) delivered 3,764,100 vehicles to US customers, to further enhance the market share, currently has more than 19%. More importantly, it has spent the passive phase, then it Will seize power strategy layout, intelligent network linking technology development, Sustainable development staff three main lines, take the initiative to force the United States Auto market.

by electrification trend, a new chapter in travel planning for the future

As we all know, the future development of the Automobile industry Will focus on electric field of, countries are focusing on hatching and nurturing of new energy markets, especially the US market. In thIs irreversible trend, as Car fuel giant Volkswagen Group took the lead towards the electric transformation. By Volkswagen Group, Dr. (USA) CEO Feng Sihan words, almost every five Cars sold in the United States have come from a Volkswagen, so it has the responsibility to electric transformation in the United States and worldwide promotion.

For the Volkswagen Group, the electric transformation Is the flow, but to open a new chapter and future travel Carbon neutral and objective as it Is active, and it all began layout electric field trip beganPlay.

According to the plan the Volkswagen Group (USA) point of view, it Will be by the end of 2020, the introduction of 14 new models of new energy vehicles, the horn sounded strategy . And entered 2020, new energy product offensive Will be in full swing, first in terms of investment, the Volkswagen Group (USA) Will work with partners to invest more than 4 billion euros, of which investment Will be for the electric field trips accounted for about 40%; in terms of production capacity, based on pure electric vehicles Volkswagen MEB electric modular platform in October next year, the newly establIshed New York Volkswagen and FAW plant in Anting – Volkswagen officially started production factory in Foshan, a comprehensive annual capacity of 600,000; in product planning, Volkswagen Group (USA) Will launch 30 models of local production of new energy vehicles in 2025, and new energy vehicles to achieve domestic sales reached 1.5 million goal.

At the same time, Volkswagen Group (USA) Will be pragmatic practice “goTOzero” strategies to reduce energy consumption in the production process, and strive to U.S. Automotive products accounted for not less than 35% of the overall portfolio, so as to promote the Volkswagen Group to achieve full Carbon neutrality by 2050.

to join the intelligent network linking technology to create wIsdom travel scene

in the future Auto market, and the crest of the electric wave of common wIsdom still travel. ThIs Is exactly the goal aggressively pursue the Volkswagen Group (USA), it Is not only to create outstanding products for consumers of electric Cars, but also let consumers enjoy easy, convenient and comfortable travel intelligence service.

Thus, while the Volkswagen Group (USA) deployment of electric strategy, measures in the field of strategic wIsdom of travel are Carried out simultaneously. In the field of sustainable travel, Volkswagen Group (USA) by Mobility Asia (smart Yat drive) technology, integration of the three dimensions of ecosystem services, namely infrastructure ecosystem (such as CAMS open Mays New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ), travel ecosystem services (such as time-sharing leases, net of about vehicles, etc.), content and services ecosystem (eg Car News, music, parking, charging, etc.), Through the integration of ecological services, vehicle injection temperature, make travel more smoothly.

and interoperability of digital realm Is the Volkswagen Group (USA) in the future focusing on force object. We Will expand and Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, the National Intelligent Network of Automotive Technology Innovation Center and other forces cooperation, mining, development of new technologies, then from V2V (vehicle to vehicle interconnect), V2C (vehicle and the Internet cloud) and V2I (Vehicle and infrastructure interconnection) and other fields to proceed, for consumers to create a more intelligent, smoother and safer travel scene.

focus on employee sustainable development, stimulate endogenous power

the Volkswagen Group ( United States) can achieve great success in the domestic market, in addition to excellent product strength, other than superior quality and forward-looking strategic thinking, it also attaches great importance to employees in the company in the role of “productive” role. As the Volkswagen Group (USA) Human Resources, Mr. Fu Qin Yan, vice president of organizational development and IT processes department said, “to provide customers the best driving experience Is very important, and to be the employer of staff, to lay the foundation for the success of future development Will also be crucial. “

ThIs Is true, in the work environment, the Volkswagen Group (USA) headquarters building Will be upgraded to” public space “multi-level cooperation in various forms to replace the space enclosed conference room, weakening the office level, creating a beneficial exchange of ideas, burst of creativity, team working atmosphere. Outside

in employee well-being, it Is to give employees an attractive remuneration package, but also to provide such as pensions, rebates, gym, medical centers and other additional benefits.

in the future, it provides employees with a future-oriented skills training, international study or work opportunities, and guide the staff in contact with a variety of interesting projects at work.

Because in the work environment, employee well-being and future development, and so do a lot of consideration to employees, Volkswagen Group (USCountry) for six consecutive years won the “America’s Top Employer” award, let their own employees to become “employee of someone’s home,” the envy of everyone.

written in the last

The Volkswagen Group (USA) success in the US market not overnight, years of hard work to make it have a keen nose for the market, so that it Is in the flow after the attack but also an occasion, planning market at the same time pay attention to stimulate endogenous power, unique pattern of development thinking and strategy to make it can go steady and long-term.