In the US, sales of Volkswagen cars Why so good?

A Car completely ignorant of white to buy a Car, turn on the computer and saw that the public online brightest monsters spray mercilessly. But turn off the computer to the main road and saw the ubiquitous Volkswagen has appeared.

In fact, no matter what kind of online evaluation made to Volkswagen, Volkswagen Car sales but the high Is an indIsputable fact. Today, Liu encyclical represents only personal point of view, to explore what the main reason for high sales of Volkswagen Cars.

first comprehensive look at all these comments on the network. Compare iffy argument Is: Volkswagen vehicle weight, Naicao Volkswagen, VW worry. I say thIs as a EA111 DQ200 double by + 100% of Volkswagen owners do not agree with thIs argument friends estimated that mass produces only rookie Santana century.

Comparative inductive argument Is: popular Car exterior air, opening up texture VW, VW safe. I only half agree with thIs statement, but I think the main reason for thIs Is still not a mass Car sales.

as well as more rational argument Is: low mass vehicle fuel consumption, low maintenance costs VW, Volkswagen’s powertrain matching civilian dual-clutch models in the best. I agree with thIs argument Is still only half, but I think too many models can do the above advantages, the main reason for thIs Is still not a mass of high Car sales.

So what Is the main reason for high sales of Volkswagen Cars?

I think, a reasonable marketing tool, Is the main reason for high sales of Volkswagen Cars.

Specifically thIs marketing tool are: boosting awareness of the masses, to the masses loved fashion, the wide variety of Car manufacturers worldwide by country Is divided into Cars. As a result, hundreds of global Automotive brand suddenly became German Cars, Japanese Cars, French Cars, Korean Cars, American Cars, BritIsh Cars, Italian Cars, American Cars. Ever since, the original competition between brands and brand evolution became first among the Cars and Carscompetition.

So what Is the advantage of thIs? First of all, one pair of white Car was completely ignorant to buy a Car, you want him to know in a short time hundreds of Car brands and make purchase options Is almost impossible. Want the fastest formation of brand value and product strength in the white impression of the heart, the easiest way Is to go about these brands category.

can imagine, those who read in junior high school hIstory textbooks, Boxer Rebellion always know it? Several mainstream of the country’s total dIstinguIsh right? The hundreds of Car brand Car divIsion several Cars, so that, in the country dozens of options becomes several options, white also feel that thIs approach Is not simple brainer, Is not happy?

As long as thIs method with some means to promote it, the choice of white inevitably changed. Well, in thIs change, who suffer? Who benefits of it?

look at specific divIsion, there are Cars which Cars Will be able to understand, without a doubt, Volkswagen Is the biggest beneficiary. The biggest dIsadvantage Is that Toyota, Honda, NIssan Is representative of the Japanese Car brand.

From the VW brand’s point of view, the so-called German Car Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Opel etc., where Opel has withdrawn from the United States, such a sense of the public’s choice Is not on the grade? And the general public and BBAP hardly constitute a major competition, in the case can not afford BBAP, the election Is the only option for the public to buy German Cars (you say I did Bastide luxury brand Bao Wo? Oh, Oh).

ThIs Is like, a good strength of the second-tier singers, and at some awards show Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Jay sitting in the same row, you feel who would take advantage? Do you think the second-tier singer happy not happy?

from Toyota, NIssan, Honda brand’s point of view, the so-called Japanese Car Toyota, Honda, NIssan, Subaru, MitsubIshi, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti and many more.

whichToyota, NIssan, Honda has its own huge body mass production and marketing, every single out its own system models, and has its own product support organization. These three brands launched models vary widely, there Is no uniform standard. However, while these three brands have their own competitiveness, but if you simply direct them violently divided into Japanese Cars, Is not suddenly narrowed the choices?

For example, if you want a white Car, that he should consider Is Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, NIssan and Buick. At thIs point if it Is under the guidance of Black-Car brick home, put their five selected into German, Japanese, the US Department of five Is not selected to become a three? Is not an option Ashkenazi probability increases from 1/5 to 1/3?

If at thIs time together with the national mood of publicity, so do not think the white Is patriotic to buy Japanese Cars, Japanese Cars Car light and so thin insecurity Is not an option on the left of Ashkenazi US Department 2? Is not an option Ashkenazi probability increases from 1/3 to 1/2?

If we add all American Cars are propaganda cost of oil, Is not selected on the left of the white Ashkenazi a choice? Case

the rest of thIs a selection of German Cars, in addition to Volkswagen Car Is Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, then you can not afford the BBAP Volkswagen brand Will become the highest beneficiaries.

I believe that, in accordance with all Car brands Volkswagen Cars divIsion Is the main reason Why selling Car in the country.

Among these, an Automotive Web site also did a special report Cars divIsion, played a role in fueling. Over time, various mindless non-professional Automotive media also accustomed to all Car brands according to the state divIsion of Cars to cover up their own pitiful stock of knowledge and practical Car driving experience.

As I write thIs not to judge good jump Volkswagen, after all, each sectionThe Car has its own advantages and dIsadvantages. In addition, I want to tell you Is thIs: each Car brands are not the same, even a single Car brand specific models are not the same, but even that specific configuration version of the individual models also make the driving experience Is not the same.

I think, for a global Automotive brand Cars are divided according to grossly unfair. Fairest or in person to the 4S shop test drive, test drive a variety of models actually come to the same level of experience before making a comparIson so that you can have a clear awareness of thIs major event to buy a Car, instead of being sinIster Car brick house monsters from the media and from various quarters led by the nose.

If someone tells you good German Cars / good Japanese Car / good French Cars, than certain Cars worth buying, please always treat with thIs expression he.