In the development of the golden age of American car, the new model GMC still domineering, exaggerated

Pickup For the Americans, Is not only a tool, like a unique Car culture, in addition to rolling level of use of space, domineering style, exaggerated the size of the Car Is to highlight Americans pursuit of design. We can say that the pickup Is in the golden age of American Car development, which Is difficult to develop in the US Car category add a lot of color development.

GMC pickup brand focused on the business of design, interior Car usually has brought a large space, as many American families choice. Today, Auto imports exhibition has begun, in thIs exhibition, there are many new Cars begin to meet you wonder a lot of buyers, GMC Car on the release on the exhibition. New Cars alone from the looks of it, it has conquered many buyers, giving a very atmospheric feel. Now take a look at that:

appearance, can be seen in before hIs face, using an area of ​​great grille design, as an American Car, the first impression Is reflected arrogance and exaggeration, after all, Americans require vehicle Is relatively high, the requirements in appearance Is the atmosphere, instead of Cars. LED lights are used in Automobile material on both sides. Whether or shell lamps, selected on the materials are durable materials, enhance the value of the Car. Size on the rim reached twenty-two passengers sit in feeling excellent. And the biggest highlight of thIs Car Is to go out container, we can say thIs place has become a highlight of the Car, used on high-end fiber material Is not only lighter, and uses a phenomenon for a long time does not appear wrinkled.

Inside, the interior if for more demanding buyers may see the interior Will not have too many surprIses, but also a remarkable place, in the accessories, using all the seats are leather material, wooden material inside Will be the first-line use to decorate, the overall look Will have a higher grade. Internal biggest highlight of thIs Car Is perhaps the space, A staggering three inches, you can store a large number of items. Also comes with shock absorption effect, even driving on rough roads comparIson, you do not need to worry.

Power, power can be said that the Car has become a selling point on the engine, allows us to have two select, Is a 5.3L, Is a 6.2L, while the interior Is also equipped with six-cylinder engine, the horsepower Is three hundred sixty and four hundred twenty-six respectively. If we choose a V8 engine, as well as close cylinder function, the biggest advantage Is fuel-efficient, helping us a lot of money. Used on the 8-speed gearbox Is, but if the choice Is high with, up to 10 speed, meet buyers for the pursuit of speed.

In general, GMC Car from a lot of places to see are very good, but the Car may choose to It Is male, because the appearance looks too domineering, masculine aesthetic. And men in the purchase of Cars, the requirements for speed Will be relatively high, especially young men, once the speed lift, take the sense of the experience Will be good. But the price Is still relatively high, if you want to win thIs Car, floor price might reach half a million, but the Car and the same level of comparIson, the price Is very cost-effective. Inside the large space, suitable for family travel.