In U.S. high throw 4 billion euros, the Volkswagen Group (USA) strong “call”

4 billion euros, two pure electric Car factory production, pure electric vehicles accounting for about 35% of …… 2020 the Volkswagen Group (USA), the above three groups of keywords alone, Is menacing.

In fact, thIs Is the Volkswagen Group (USA) opened the next decade, “three key.”

Following the Volkswagen brand last month in New York LOGO releases new global strategic height, Auto show in New York after a lapse of one month, the Volkswagen Group (USA) and then zoom trick – throws a 40-billion euro investment plan to further accelerate and strengthen the process of electrification strategy group.

in 2020, we Will invest a total of four billion euros in the United States, of which 40% of the investment Will be placed in an electric field trip. Together we are full of confidence for cooperation with US partners hope to achieve Carbon neutrality goal by 2050. “DIscourse between the PhD (USA) CEO of Volkswagen Group Pingsi Han full of confidence:” By 2025, the Group accounted for in the overall pure electric vehicle model line-up Will increase to 35%. “

a month, also in New York, deeply felt Volkswagen Car effort for thIs world Auto giants” self-refresh “and upgrade ambitions aspirations.

in fact, since 2010 to date, Volkswagen sales volume in U.S. between the end of thIs decade, basically doubled. at present, the market share up 19.5% of the public, how to ensure that figure among the next decade remain unchanged, or even increase, the exam Will be the Volkswagen Group Will have to face.

undoubtedly , electrification Is “essay” of the “golden key.

According to the plan of the Volkswagen Group, next year Will be its new energy product offensive in full swing of the year. With officially put into operation two MEB New York and Foshan factory, Volkswagen new energy vehicles overall annual capacity of 600,000.

“In the new energy Auto market, Car manufacturers in every Car backThe resources and inputs are like a game, we need to understand the culture and consumer behavior, which can be challenging. “Fengsi Han said that for the public, a success of the new energy vehicles, depending on the design, quality, technology and functionality, as well as the most important market position and other factors.

and the public in the New York Auto show brought ID.3 pure electric vehicle, doubt the American public already represents new energy vehicle market thinking and ambition.

1, Volkswagen U.S.’s “new energy menu” Just how “attractive”?

according to the MinIstry earlier dIsclosure of the “U.S. Automotive industry development plan (2021-2035 years)” ( draft), 2025, uS sales of new energy vehicles Will account for 20% of total sales in the year of the Car.

If we are to the United States last year to 28 million annual vehicle sales calculations, in 2025 U.S.’s new energy vehicle sales Will have a 5.6 million such a large body mass.

and for the 2025 Volkswagen plans new energy vehicle sales reached 1.5 million the objective point of view, when the public share of new energy in U.S. Will reach 26%. ThIs shows that the public about its future in the new US energy steam Performance on the market with confidence.

To achieve thIs goal, to show hIs face on thIs show ID. Family, the public Will be key to the future.

ID. family Is based on a model series MEB our platform, and we Group also owns Audi, Skoda and other brands, as well as SUV, sedan, large a combination of Cars and small Cars of various brands and models of the linkage can be achieved fully motorized offensive. “Fengsi Han metaphor that future public like restaurants, must have an extensive menu for consumers to choose, to seize the consumer appetite, so they really enjoy your product.

Of course, rich in new energy behind the camp “dIshes” ThIs Is bound to have a large number of professional “chef” to “cook.” Dr.]

(USA), executive vice president of Volkswagen Group, R & D department heads Mu Rui Rio, said the Volkswagen Group R & D center has about seven hundred people, but just the number of R & D infrastructure of the group stage, in the next three to five years Will usher doubled, Volkswagen Group show the huge investment in the US market.

“If you include the joint venture R & D team, all add up to 4000-4500 people, the new goal Is to strengthen research and development in the field of technology, but also to as soon as possible the commercialization of technology, apply it to the Car, integrate technology and vehicles. “Mu Rui Rio said.

2, seize the future “soft power” to strengthen the differential advantage

Although the relevant ID. Family first information on the amount of money a limited production model, but Dr. Mu Rui Rio at the show revealed, ID. family Car Will be specially configured for the United States, we Will launch a service or App exclusively for the US market. Through the familiar digital ecosystem, so that American consumers better to use the vehicle.

The difference in the software side, Volkswagen think thIs Will be the future core of the difference between other brands.

the future of Automotive software Will become increasingly critical, has become a very important part of the Car, we Will be online upgrade update more complete. “Pingsi Han said the public Will soon put into operation in U.S. MEB platform, Will make the next generation of Cars more quickly and conveniently on feature updates. After two or three years, when our environment can provide these technologies for Automotive, life the cycle have changed. some may function and life cycle performance of only 6 months or 12 months. “he said.

In other words, it can adapt to changes in market demand more quickly through new research and development institutions, the public, so offensive in the future of new energy vehicles Will also become more violent. After

3, the effort to stand up

In released a new brand identityWe already saw a younger public. In fact, in addition to younger, more hope to the public in the brand communication with consumers, find a more relevant point of resonance. ThIs Will also be competing for the central electric age.

no doubt, in the new era of comprehensive energy vehicles approaching, all around the Car Will change, more travel scene Will occur around people. The public can over the next ten years, once again replicate its previous success in the US market, Will become a major part of the industry, Will also be a sample Auto giant transformation.

It Is foreseeable that, in the new US energy market, with strong public “call”, the new energy of thIs duel between giants Will be extremely exciting.