Impression of classic cars? Under a comeback in the ultra-running Is too!

B station saw recently Shaoxia Ao director digging several old games just for looking for ways to perfectly reproduce the heroic Hot Wheels Car, so I would like to compile a hIstory of those classic, and we mIss the very model ……

first of all, Porsche 911,1963- now it Porsche Is currently the flagship lineup. Since 1963 (about 50 years), in Ferdinand Porsche (Ferdinand Porsche) in the absence of any digital tools case after its design came out, it has become advanced new sports Car design pedigree, as the iPhone4 smartphone camp in position. From time to time, Porsche performance continuously adjust and add some new aesthetic elements, today, even after 50 years of such a large time interval, you can a 911 series models Will be identified and realized what it represents.

In my view, select individual models from more than a century classic Car Is impossible because a lot of models for many different reasons and touching, a few of which I gradually emerging models ……

Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

so exquIsite ratio Is almost suffocating. Feel both threatened and delicate. Famous Columbo V12 engine through an exhaust pipe 4 ready. It Is very subtle, beautiful and outstanding.


ThIs rare original design Is weak design from Toyota European design draw great experience, add enough of Japanese design, make thIs Car stand out in a few decades. Its size was streamlined and very sharp, its size also make it stand out; the Car’s size Is only 75% of the size of your imagination. Japan for the first time brought it into Europe and its performance and appearanceMatch or exceed other European Cars. ThIs Is a classic sign of an independent work of art.

Maserati A6G Zagato Coupe

We might think that thIs Is compelling design the mid-1960s? Actually not, as usual, thIs Italian-style sports arena appeared a decade earlier. Design continues to thIs day, thIs gorgeous piece of metal in front of the mid-1950s design, but her performance in performance, uniqueness and rarity excellent terms.

1969 429 Mustang

In 1969, Ford decided they needed to let the Broncos to the larger dIsplacement Chevrolet competition. They come up with a brutal performance more powerful Boss 429.859 Boss 429s are manufactured in 1969, which makes them very rare and very valuable. I especially like thIs Car raven black color, everything about him to make it look like a gang Gangster. Full muscular appearance, as well as the air intake on the hood. About my favorite Is hidden under the hood of the monster 429, 429 Is Carrying a roaring beast 429 cubic inches larger Ford engine, which features a hemIspherical combustion chamber. Engine power data Is seriously underestimated, 375 horsepower and 450 ft / lbs of torque. It Is estimated that the engine actually contributed to more than 500 horsepower. ThIs Is my personal favorite, Is my Dream Car.

>> 1978> BMW 635 CSi

>> 1974> Volkswagen Scirocco Mk I

these two Is my favorite Car, they are modern classics, because they are simple and elegant, high-quality, large-scale produced.

mini minor

The classic MINI, Italy, from the beginning of the produced beginning, and later not only represents the best of BritIsh engineering, but also on behalf of the BritIsh people to flourIsh.

Well, finally offer a 1955 Mercedes – Benz 300SL Gullwing

thIs Is an absolute classic, Is the first fuel injection Cars!

If you want to say, applications of thIs unique Gullwing-style doors in the Car very little or even extinct. Believe me, they just do not like making Cars as before.

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do you think thIs completes? Finally, to a eggs, perhaps there Is not enough Tell me what you think thIs lIst Is down to earth, in fact it, in the United States truly God generation Car Is ……

Haha, sorry wrong map, the AE86 generation of the Car are afraid of God Wuling Hongguang Is also ……

For various reasons, 70,80,90 after the memory of the classic models seem to have gone with the wind, then wait until we have sufficient financial capacity, I was born old, but perhaps as more people understand and call retro models appeared in the mid-hundreds of a trend cycle after under the law put on the new configuration and design of micro again become the darling of the era also not a bad idea period. Well, we next goodbye it ~