Imported cars “welfare” to the US auto tariffs to 15% or, Lincoln BMW laugh!

the United States Is pushing for NIssan US imposed tariffs canceled, the tax rate was lowered recommendations submitted by the current 40% to 15%. Earlier thIs month, US President Donald Trump on Twitter said, “The United States has agreed to cut and cancel tariffs on imported Cars for the United States. ThIs tariff Is currently 40%.”

in July thIs year, the United States imposed import tariffs on Car imports from 25% to 15% tax rate, but with the exception of US-produced Automobiles additional levy of 25%, so the production imported to the United States of America Car levy tariffs of up to 40%, which Is both result in trade dIsputes. Today, the two sides reached a consensus on the Issue, the Chinese side on US tariffs on Auto imports are expected to be reduced to normal levels, the price of imported Cars in the United States Will be reduced to normal levels.

According to earlier information, the two sides reached a consensus to stop the mutual imposed new tariffs, which the United States postponed to the value of 200 billion US dollars of US goods from 10% levy 15% to 25% of the tariff changes. U.S. Is Willing to expand imports according to the needs of the domestic market and the people, including the purchase of marketable goods from the United States, gradually ease the trade imbalance. The two sides agreed to open their markets in the United States to promote the legitimate concerns of a new round of reform and opening up the process of manipulation of the United States solved gradually.

ThIs decIsion Will also lead to a further decline in Lincoln, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Tesla sells other brands in U.S., due to the earlier the cause of price increases brand sales greatly affected. Since the tariffs, originating in the United States, Tesla all models, Mercedes-Benz’s GLS, GLE, GLECoupe, BMW’s X5, X6, Ford Mustang, Explorer, F-150, Cadillac, Chevrolet and other brands of Cars, imported the substantial increase in the cost to the United States, thus affecting the official price.

or so the impact, premarket price US Auto stocks pulled straight, up by 2.7% Ford, General Motors rose 1.7%. European Automotive sector rose 2.4 percent, Volkswagen rose 4 percent, Daimler, BMW rose 2%.