If the car the following problems, ten years of driving experience drivers: do not go to the repair shop waste of money

Is now greater the Car’s ownership, the number of Car owners Will have more and more, and Auto repair Issues are increasingly being taken seriously the owners, and some fault Is obvious, it better repair and more, but there are a lot of questions are difficult to repair, and some because of the aging of the Car, some because of improper daily use caused these problems if there Is even going repair shop, most of them Will not help. Today, Xiao Bian gave you take stock of what, if the Car following problems, ten years of driving experience drivers: repair shop Is not going to waste your money

first: the Car abnormal sound.

drove a long time, because there Is always the Car interior parts from aging or damage caused by abnormal noIse problems during travel. Even if the problem went repair shop, repairman can come with a hard to find fault location, it Is very low probability of repair. So small advice if the situation occurs, you can check out their first face of the situation to see what Is due to the failure caused, go repair shop repair. Case if they can not find the point of failure, abnormal sound of the engine or the gearbox are not in question, the daily running of the vehicle there Is no practical effect, it Is better not to go to the repair shop a waste of money.

Second: burning oil in serious condition.

In fact, thIs situation Is not only a German Car, each Car Will use oil to oil use in travel time, but with more and spend less points only. The event of burning oil in serious condition, it Is not necessary to go to the repair shop to repair, as some repairman recommended method of cleaning the engine, it Is only a temporary solution, after all, if the case Is the sudden appearance of too many possible causes of, As long as oil consumption Is still within the normal range, there Is no need to repair the Xiude Hao Is difficult.

Third: Engine excessive jitter.

Actually, thIs Is in addition to the Car’s own quality problems, but there are many other reasons Why the general repairman Will take such repairs, involving three BigRepair parts or hard to come by, one Is not Careful, it Will lead to bad repaired here and there, after all thIs stuff in terms of engine for each Car firms have their own technology Is very core of things, can not repairman learn something too delicate.

Therefore, the general case can not be repaired. Xiao Bian proposal Is to re-add a regular fuel, look at the situation Will not improve, if not for the problems caused by poor quality fuel oil, it Is a bit complicated, it Is difficult to fix repairman. Like some of the old Car for a long time, very powerful engine shake at idle time, speed up like a lot, thIs case Will only be open, unbearable, you can only go 4S shop repaired.

It Is worth mentioning that there are many sudden failure Is difficult to repair, and some broke down on the road, even before repair shop on their own good. In fact, thIs case if the fault Is not obvious, it Is very difficult want to check where the problem lies, the repair time and costs Will be relatively high, so the usual focus on Car maintenance and the usual Care, effectively reducing these vehicles failure Is very important, and if it appears these problems, if not for obvious reasons, but also no need to repair the repair shop.