If the 20 models have been dIscontinued models Will be re-lIsted if you start with one of them

Honda S2000: S2000 Is one of the planet’s greatest sports Car. It Is reliable, beautiful, driving feel great. Why you can think of the new Honda did not make the only reason that it did not want to damage the reputation of the original.

Honda CRX: Some people say that CR-Z hybrid Is CRX successor, but it never really caught on, because everyone wants it Is lightweight, simple two-seater hatchback. Honda hopes to re-launch thIs model.

Buick Grand National GNX: If the medium-turbo V6 “mini-muscle Car” sounds good, then the Buick Grand National GNX not It should not be a familiar name. General Motors produced only 500 such vehicles, and the Grand National since they use the V6 engine instead of the traditional V8 and compelling. But how V6 if you want to revive Grand National, the use of GM’s manufacturing platform and get twin-turbo Alpha ATS-V from booster?

Toyota MR2: With the Supra successor has been launched, Toyota Is now back to another much-loved sports Car –MR2 time. But in fact, we’d love to see return to the mid-engine sports Car economy. Fiat has just rIsen 124 Spider, but the X1 / 9 it? Even if Pontiac Is gone, GM still can be completely re-launched Fiero.

Dodge Viper: Viper can easily become one of the coolest Cars in Detroit. With the appearance of the Cartoon, a large V10 engine and difficult to control reputation, it really Is a legend.

Chevrolet SS: Chevrolet recently shut down production of the Holden Commodore assembly plant (ChevronLan SS’s base model), which means that most likely Will not see the new SS in a very long time.

Chevrolet El Camino: Despite the looks truck, but the El Camino Is more like a Car. Making it great, especially if you have a SS model, it has a 454 V8 under the hood. Australia have been using Car-based pickup

Dodge Magnum: Magnum wagon before dIscontinued never really have a chance to shine. Based Charger, it has a high-performance SRT version, but not long enough to launch Hellcat models. Hellcat a station wagon Is not it cool?

Mazda RX-7: There continues to be able to return RX-7. Mazda rotary engine has been confirmed back, which can be turned into a production Car. That for us Is certainly a happy day, because we always liked RX7, it Is easy to retrofit, very fun to drive. Today’s technology can produce equally interesting Car, and revolutionary engine back a mIssed market.

Acura Integra Type R: Integra Type R Is one of the most sacred front wheel drive Car. It’s a small four-cylinder engine power of 195 horsepower, handling Is very neutral, with front-wheel drive different Cars.

MitsubIshi Eclipse: Lancer Evo as cancellation, no longer has any MitsubIshi mobility in its lineup. We are delighted that solves thIs problem by re-launched Eclipse. Eclipse Is a wonderful product called Diamond Star Motors alliance between MitsubIshi and Chrysler. It gave the Eagle brand and Eclipse, Eagle Talon and PlymouthPlymouth Laser. ThIs alliance may never come back, but we want to be like Eclipse GSX thIs turbocharged all-wheel drive coupe can provide all-weather solution for Toyota 86 fans. Eclipse Cross count.

Alfa Romeo GTV / 6: Alfa Romeo 4C Is certainly a nice Car, and Giulia Is a sports sedan. However, before the re-launch of the Alfa GTV / 6, we Will not really be happy. The world Will always need more Italian fastback coupe, GTV / 6 can be said to be the best. Simply put Giulia based on a sense of the full curve fastback body

Porsche 944: redesign of the turbine Cayman supercharged engine may be controversial, but the Car itself Is great. The problem Is the price. Since its beginning more than $ 50,000, it’s not exactly affordable. We consider leaving for the front-engine 944 re-launch of the space, a new entry-level Porsche, the price Is right

Volvo P1800 : Volvo recently in revitalizing its lineup done very well. XC90 and S90 are excellent interior models. But I was pleased to see the SwedIsh Carmaker to seize the opportunity to create P1800 sports coupe again. They have demonstrated the concept Car

MitsubIshi Lancer Evolution: relaunch if MitsubIshi Evo, we Will be very happy. ThIs Is the only real contender STI

NIssan 240SX: Today, NIssan offers only two high-performance Cars: 370Z and GT- R. As large as 370Z and the new Car, GT-R for most ordinary people are out of reach. NIssan 240SX similar need Is a new entry-level performance Cars. Interesting for the publicBalanced, reasonably priced coupe.

Jeep Wagoneer: 2016 years of rumors Will soon be back to the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, but have not seen thIs model It would look like. Grand Cherokee Is very good, but can only imagine the ultra-luxury SUV Jeep there Will be more rods.

Subaru Brat: It may not be a sports Car, but Subaru Brat remains one of Japan’s coolest brand sales models . The cabin Is equipped with two rear seats and some of the sweet decals, it Is strange that you can get from a classic vehicle. We need a modern version. Baja count.

Pontiac Fiero: With mid-engine Corvette launch, launch a cheaper, more accessible models Fiero and give it the name makes sense.

Porsche 928: 911 Is an excellent modern GT Car, but we can not help but want to know the new 928 Will look like. It Is not necessarily the custom models – two-door Parra Meira Will do well. ThIs powerful turbocharged V8 hybrid powertrain Is very noticeable in the small front-engined GT models.